Maybe we should have stayed home

January 29, 2010 at 9:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Oh, Liam. We had a rough day, I know. First you didn’t want your eggs. Now I know…I forgot the cheese. My bad. We were running late for yoga, so I fed you some pureed fruit while I took a bath. You had loads of fun with that. I bundled you up tight so we could go to class. Not so much fun with that. You didn’t want to play with the other kids today, so we just roamed around the room, your barefeet slapping against the floor and your giggles and smiles hard to ignore. When we tried to join the circle, oh the fits you threw. We got you a much-needed nap in the car, and then a quick stop home before we took the train into the city. You love the train. We met some moms at a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown. You were good…at first. You loved the pork pastries and pork buns. But it was loud, and there weren’t any other kids, and you’d had enough. Back to being bundled in the stroller, and decidedly not happy. Then we went to see daddy at work, which cheered you up. And cheered him up. He loves showing you off. But the cheer didn’t last, so we went back home, had snack, bottle, nap. But instead of being refreshed, you woke up cranky, and stayed that way all through dinner. Much was thrown on the floor. Much was refused. Oh, where did my little I’ll-eat-anything-you-give-me guy go? A mess from head to toe, we got you in the bath, and, as always, that cheered you up again. You love the bath even more than trains. Then into your PJs, and while your bottle warmed, you helped me wash the dishes. Then a very tired mommy was hoping against hope that you’d go right to sleep. She’d had a rough day, too. But then after your bottle, you just lay there in my arms, pulled the blanket up to your cheek and rubbed it there, grinning that half-toothy grin of yours. You stuck your fingers in my mouth, my ears. You pulled my hair. And I stared into your pretty blue eyes. All is forgiven, son. Your momma’s such a sucker. Night, night. And then you went right to sleep.


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  1. My day was rough too. Syd yelled at me all day…not sure what that was about and no naps for either of us makes it really rough. Met ‘hood friends out at Fajita coast for dinner (was in desperate need of a margarita by then!) and she was all doe eyed and quiet for them…but cranky again when we got home. Must be the full moon.

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