A weekend of winter weather and walking

February 8, 2010 at 12:47 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

It started Friday at noon, just a few flurries, not even sticking. Liam and I easily made it to baby yoga at 10 and to a lunch date at noon, and I really did think this whole huge storm thing would blow over with little to show for it. So imagine my surprise when I woke up on Saturday morning to see at least a foot of snow on the ground, and no signs of the storm letting up. The wind picked up, the tiny flurries turned to big flakes, and I grabbed the camera. We lost power around 1 PM, and with one flashlight and two overpoweringly scented candles, we survived the night camped out in the basement with every blanket we own.

The next morning, still without power, we took turns shoveling a path to the sidewalk, then argued over who was going to walk up to the CVS in search of DuraFlame logs. Liam fell asleep on me, so James was It. It took him four hours to discover every store near our house was sold out of anything useful, take the Metro to the only other underground station available from our stop, buy up every available D battery and flashlight Target had (or course they were out of DuraFlames), and make it back to our house. And by the time he got back, the power was back on! Worse yet, Liam decide to start walking in earnest while he was gone. Thankfully I caught it all on video.

Unsurprisingly, James has a snow day tomorrow, so we’ll be attempting to dig our car out then. I hear there’s more snow in store for us next week. Nooooo!



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  1. Wow, he’s even kicking around a soccer ball. The next David Beckham!

    I know I’m such a flip-flopper, but I’m determined 2010 will be the year I visit D.C. I have spring break starting March 20th for about a week. Probably wouldn’t go for my whole break, but I’ll look into flights if around that time works for you!

  2. Speaking of which, what’s the closest airport to you?

  3. March is wide open for us. We’re pretty equadistant to all of the airports, but we prefer Baltimore (BWI) — flights are usually cheaper, and it’s easier for us to drive there. Reagan National (DCA) is our second fav — I can drive there, or you can take the train right to our house.

  4. […] kid is on the move, big time. He figured out walking during the big snowstorm, and now there’s no stopping him. We can tell he’s pleased with his […]

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