Liam is 14 months old!

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Lots of milestones this month, and he’s learning so fast. He’s molding quite the little personality, as well. Here’s what he’s been up to:

  • This kid is on the move, big time. He figured out walking during the big snowstorm, and now there’s no stopping him. We can tell he’s pleased with his newfound mobility. He delights in meandering around the house, walking in circles around me, and checking out each room to see what he can get in to. Thankfully, he doesn’t wander too far from Mama, and I can stop him from getting into too much trouble. And it’s increasingly difficult to get a good picture of him, now that he can come right at me.
  • Every night when James gets home, Liam greets him with an enthusiastic “Da Da!” I get the occasional “Ma Ma,” though it’s hardly ever meant as an address. More like he’s testing the sounds out. Yesterday I pointed to a banana and asked, “What is that, Liam?” And he replied, “Na Na!” He’s been repeating that word for awhile now, but this is the first time he said it without me saying it first.
  • We go to a baby yoga class every Friday, and Liam has really started to shine. Some of the other parents and the teacher have noticed how much personality he’s developing. He walks around the room, smiling from ear to ear at the other parents who glance his way. He doesn’t stray too far from me, and he panics if he loses sight of me. He’s still not as interested in playing with the other kids, and he keeps pretty quiet when the room is full. But I can tell that each class we attend, he gets more and more social.
  • Now that he’s walking, I’ve been teaching him to kick his little soccer ball around. He usually gets in three good kicks before something else distracts him.
  • He’s starting to understand his puzzles, getting the pieces placed in the right spots, but almost never turned the right way. It’s a process.
  • I’ve been getting lots of kisses and hugs lately. Not always in the usual spots – he likes to bend down and kiss my tummy when I do sit ups, and when I change his diaper when wearing my super soft robe, I usually lose an arm to some nuzzles before I can finish.
  • If a toy buzzes, dings, or plays music, it’s a sure bet it’s one of Liam’s favorites. The other day I watched as he systematically started each noisy toy, one by one, until they were all playing at once. Then he sat in the middle as if conducting his own disharmonious orchestra. Ah, that’s m’boy.
  • Liam loves his blankie, and it’s getting so that he won’t sleep without it. For each nap and at bedtime, we cuddle up in the rocker, I pull the blanket over him and say, “Let’s get cozy,” and he pulls a corner up to his face and grins like a dope. As he drinks his bottle, he’s constantly tugging and rubbing the soft, slightly tattered edges on his cheeks. And when he’s finally ready to sleep in the crib, he ends up laying with the blankie underneath him, bunched up under his face like a pillow. In the morning, I sometimes find him sitting up in the crib, holding his cuddly treasure crooked in his arm. Then he leans way down and cuddles it to his face. Just melts my heart!
  • Check out the rest of his 14 month photos here.

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