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I’m devoting my entire week to freelance work, and it’s good to be back. Liam was a little puzzled when I packed him in the car early this morning, but he gave a delighted yelp when we knocked on Cameron’s door. Alice gave him a welcome smile and hug, and Cam gave him a cute, clumsy wave. As I was leaving, I half expected him to cry. But, no, he was like, “Whatever, mama. Bye, bye.”

Back at home, I set to work laying out pages for my old magazine, and it was like slipping on a misplaced pair of beloved sneakers. I’d forgotten a few of my shortcuts, but in no time I settled into that familiar pace. A comfortable place. Until I realized I’d been sitting at my computer for three straight hours without getting up. I guess my body’s not used to that anymore. My fingers tingled, my joints felt stiff, and I had to do a little jog around the house to feel right again. 

Frozen hands and stiff joints aside, it feels good to work again. Staying home with Liam full time is work, too, but it doesn’t hold the same sense of accomplishment as a to-do list of work-related tasks neatly crossed off. I think this is that balance I was looking for – a stay-at-home gig with a smattering of fun design work to keep my mind from turning to mush. I don’t feel guilty for dropping Liam off because I know I’ll be home again with him soon. And I don’t feel trapped as a full-time mom because I know there’s more work coming. So far, so good.

I’m especially excited for spring to arrive. My mommy groups are revving up to high gear, sending out invitations left and right to all sorts of outdoor walks, play times in the park, and picnics. I can tell Liam misses playing outside. The parks here are a muddy, snowy mess still. But with temperatures hovering in the 40s and 50s, that will change soon. Or we’ll get another blizzard. With the winter we’ve had, it could go either way.


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