Ergo VS. Stroller

March 12, 2010 at 5:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

In anticipation of Charissa’s visit, I took Liam for a spin in the Ergo this morning. Charissa and I are planning to sight-see at the Smithsonians, and I’m still deciding if I should take Liam in the umbrella stroller, or if I should carry him in the Ergo. They both have pros and cons: Liam can nap better in the stroller, and it’s a lot better on my back, but even the small, light-weight umbrella stroller is a pain to navigate in a crowded museum. The Ergo certainly makes Liam more portable, but he’s difficult to get in and out of it, and wearing him all day could leave me aching everywhere.

So this morning I strapped him in and walked to the CVS to pick up some milk. At first he threw a fit, which made getting him into the blasted thing a challenge. But once we got outside and started walking, he was just fine. He’ll still only ride in the side position, so I could tell right away that my right shoulder was going to be hurting. One block later and I was huffing and puffing my way to the corner. Forget morning Pilates! Just strap him in and walk around the block, and there’s my daily cardio!  By the time I got to the CVS, about a half mile from my house, my right shoulder and left hip ached. But Liam was snug as a bug. On the way back I propped him up with my left arm, which helped a bit. He was ready to be out of it when we got home, and I was ready to take him out. So, side position is a no go, not for hours of museum-going. After nap and lunch, I tried him in the back position again, and I remembered what else I didn’t like about it besides the obvious lack of enthusiasm from Liam. It feels like he’s going to topple out, and I find I have to walk leaning forward a little.

Perhaps I’m forcing a round peg in a square hole, and the Ergo isn’t the best option. I found this other carrier, the Boba, that offers a higher back and, from what I can tell, better support for both wearer and baby. The closest retail store is in Baltimore, and it just so happens they’re holding a baby carrier workshop on Sunday. Fieldtrip! I thought I might also try the Maya Tie, which is less cumbersome and bulky, but also less padded. Since I haven’t sunk any money into the Bjorn and Ergo, which were both graciously borrowed, I don’t mind spending a little money if I think I’ve found something that will work well for us. I have grand plans to take Liam into the city this summer, and I’d prefer to leave the stroller at home.


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