Shopping and lunch, just the two of us

March 14, 2010 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

This morning Liam and I set out for Baltimore to try on some new baby carriers. True to form, Liam just started to nod off as we got there, but when someone tried to cut me off and I yelled out a few choice curse words (gonna have to watch that soon, methinks!), he woke up. I was afraid he’d be cranky in the shop, especially taking him in and out of these carriers, but he was surprisingly docile. I tried the new Boba, the Maya Tai wrap, and the Ergo that I brought along from home. The shop girl was very helpful, even demonstrating on her own little two-year-old son who she had in the shop with her today. Of the three, the Boba won hands down. The wrap was entirely too difficult to master solo for the back position, and while the Boba and Ergo were very similar, the Boba felt more comfortable for me, and Liam seemed held more securely. One other thing I preferred — the belt snaps in the front on the Boba, and on the side in the Ergo. What’s the difference, you might ask? Boba’s front lock helps mitigate the muffin-toppery just a bit better. Still not a flattering look, but I gave up on my body image months ago, lol. At $99, the Boba is on the low end of these sturdy, soft-structured carriers, chiefly because you give up the compartments and hoody feature from the Ergo. But I don’t mind that.

Afterward we got lunch at the Olive Garden, and Liam was in such a good mood! He munched on breadsticks and soup, all the while smiling and waving at Every Single Person who walked by. His smiles were quite infectious — the wait staff kept saying hi as they walked by. Even if they didn’t, Liam didn’t seem to mind. The food came out quickly (just salad and soup, keeping it simple), and just as he was getting full, I was finishing up. Perfect timing. On the way home he completely passed out, and I drove all the way around the beltway until he woke up, an hour and some change later. Now he’s out at the bookstore with daddy, well fed, well rested, and as cute as can be. What a great day!


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