Liam is 15 months old!

March 28, 2010 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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My little man is getting so big! Here’s what he’s been up to:

  • Liam is a master snacker with his new spill-proof snack cup. Although spill-proof is a misnomer. You’ll find a trail of Kix and Cheerios spattered around the living room, which he methodically picks up and eats as he comes across them again. He’s also a big fan of dried peas, corn, mangoes, and pineapple made by these guys. I’ve been experimenting with non-baby foods now that he’s got more teeth, and while I can get him to eat tomatoes and green beans, he still prefers peaches and carrots in pureed form.
  • Speaking of teeth, Liam just cut his first molar this week. He’s fussy, drooly, and runny-nosed at the moment, poor guy.
  • Liam says three, almost four words now: Mama, Dada, Nana (banana), and we’re working on Babo (bubble). Now whenever I ditch him in the living room, he wanders down the hall calling, “Mama!”
  • I can’t get far without my little shadow. Gone are the mornings he’d play quietly by himself in the living room while I got dressed and dried my hair. I get a minute, tops, before he comes looking for me.
  • Liam has mastered three signs: All-Done, More, and Milk. Before I gloat, know that this whole signing thing is hardly a perfect system. Sometimes the sign for “all-done” means, “I’m all done with this meal.” But more often it means, “I don’t want this food right now. Try something else and if you’re lucky I might decide to try this one later. Maybe.” Most of the time Milk means “milk”, but sometimes it’s water. And “more” by itself can mean almost anything: more food, more milk, more tickling. And I have to guess what he means. Still, I’m proud we’ve gotten this far, and we’re actually communicating.
  • Liam’s favorite game is Mommy Monster. I crouch on all fours and growl, and he runs in circles around me in fits of giggles. The first week we played this Liam would catch me and bite my shoulders. Quick to nip that bad habit, I changed it from growly bites to growly kisses. It didn’t take long for him to catch on, thankfully.
  • His other favorite game, Drawers, he’s modified a bit: now he opens my pajama drawer, digs around to find one particularly soft, red shirt, and rubs it up on his cheek. Then he carries it into the living room and holds it while he plays.
  • Liam understands this whole getting dressed thing now. He obediently holds out each arm for his shirts, and each foot up for socks. He’ll even take a shoe in one hand and place it near his foot, like, “This goes here, mama.”
  • He’s getting pretty darn good at his puzzles, when he chooses to actually match the pieces:

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  1. His eyes are still blue!!!!! They are beautiful!

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