Lil’ baby biker

April 19, 2010 at 1:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Liam has this new adorable activity. Around 4 or 4:30, I take him outside and he walks down the street on his own two feet, rounds the corner, and heads for the busy traffic on Forest Glen. He usually stops at the honey suckle and begs to be picked up. I walk past the bush, and then he’s off again. Not sure what’s so scary about that bush. When we get to the busy street, I grab his hand and walk him carefully up the hill as he watches the cars coming. He loves to watch those cars! Then I pick him up and we wait for James to come down the street from the Metro. Every person who passes gets an enthusiastic wave, and every dog who passes gets a fiesty point and a “woo-woo” (as in “woof woof”. So freakin’ cute.). On Thursday we could see some thunderheads on the horizon, and just like my daddy did for me, I told him all about thunderheads, lightening, and tornadoes. James called to say he’d be late, so we headed home. Liam walked down the street, pointed at our house, walked up to the steps…and then right past them for another go around the block! This kids loves walking now, lol. By then the clouds had completely obscured the sun, and sure enough, some big, fat raindrops started plopping down all around us. I scooped Liam up and made a dash for the house. Liam thought this was the most hilarious thing to happen all day. He squealed in delight and patted my arms, as if to say, “Faster, momma, faster!”

Faster, indeed. Now that summer is nearly here, I’m looking into getting a bike seat installed for my bike. There’s a bike shop up the street that I can walk to, and there I can get a seat installed, Liam fitted for a helmet, and helpful advice I didn’t already get from this article. I think Liam will enjoy the ride, and since I plan to stick mainly to the trail by our house, I’m not so concerned about him getting hurt. There are playgrounds all along the trail, so plenty of places we can stop and swing. I can’t wait to get back on my bike again!


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