Liam is 16 months old!

April 29, 2010 at 8:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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Liam has had a great time meeting with his grandparents and aunt Kim in Kentucky, and his grandpa Bob, Aunt Ann, Uncle Chris, and cousins Brady and Devin in Springfield, IL. Tomorrow we’re off to meet great-grandma in Cincinnati, and then we’re getting our tired butts home. I promise lots of videos and photos when I get back, but in the meantime, here’s what Liam’s been up to this week:

  • This boy loves dogs. Every time we pass one he points and goes, “Bwa, bwa!” James’ parents have two dogs, and Liam has been petting and pointing and barking at them every chance he gets. James thinks this is a sign that we need a dog. Umm, no.
  • Liam loves to smile, sometimes so hard that I think he’s going to pull a muscle. He’ll squint his eyes, grit his teeth, and strain his neck…and we can’t help but smile back and laugh.
  • Asked where his nose is, he happily sticks his finger to it (or up it). Asked where his ears, head, and toes are, and he’ll usually oblige. But ask him where his “pee pee” is, and he drops everything and immediately grabs it. That’s m’boy.
  • Liam is still shy around strangers and family he hasn’t seen in awhile. In Kansas City it took him a few days to warm up to my parents. Last weekend it took him a day or two to get used to MaMa, PaPa and Aunt Kim. But it seems he remembered Grandpa Bob from his visit in January — after 30 minutes he sat right in grandpa’s lap.
  • This week Liam inherited a few toys from his cousins. His very favorite: a farm, complete with Little People and Animals, animal noises, and a button to play music that he pushes ad nauseum. Now I’ll never get Old McDonald out of my head.
  • Liam can now sign “help”, which is quickly surpassing “all done” in its frequency of use. Usually it’s “help” followed by a point. Sometimes I oblige, and sometimes I just think he’s being lazy.
  • Sidewalks and streets are a piece o’ cake for this walking pro. But grassy lawns present some balance issues. Liam gingerly puts one toe in the grass, leaves one foot on the concrete, and looks at us pleadingly. He’ll happily stride out to the middle of the lawn holding my hand, but if I let go and walk away, he stands there as if I’ve stranded him on an island. “Help!” he signs, taking one careful step at a time.  

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  1. Yeah a kid that likes dogs! Poor charlie is always banished to the cage when children come over. Although charlie is fairly ‘aggressive’ at his petting needs. Liam will have to come over and give him a run for his money.

    Love the pee-pee bullet. Hilarious!

    And I’ve gotta see this grass thing…kids are a riot. Enjoy the rest of your trip! We leave for KC soon too!

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