Photos of the Boy

May 6, 2010 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I’m usually so diligent about posting photos, but between the trip, getting a family cold, and coming back to a big freelance gig, I’m sort of amazed I’ve managed to accomplish what I have this week.

Before we left on the big trip, we had our last play date with Alice and Cameron. Of course, the boys didn’t realize the “lastness” of it all, and maybe it’s for the best that they probably won’t remember each other. But it was wonderful while it lasted. Cam is such a cute, friendly kid, and I’m going to miss him and his parents. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch. And I’m sure we’ll see Alice again real soon, too. Here’s my favorite photo from that day:


Our trip out to Kentucky and Springfield, IL, was at once wonderful and completely exhausting. Liam did surprisingly well in the car, owing to the fact that he had a cold and slept most of the way. And he was teething (yes, we officially felt a second molar poking through the day after we got back.) He’s still in his stranger-danger phase, so visiting with so many relatives was a bit hard on the lad. But he took it in stride. We’ve promised another trip at Christmas, and I’m hoping the closer to two he gets, the better he’ll be with new people. At least until he throws a temper tantrum.

Check out our photos.


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  1. Sniff, sniff. He’s growing up fast. So cute.

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