Bottles are Banished

May 15, 2010 at 8:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It’s official. I just packed up the last of the bottles, and Liam could not. Care. Less. And here I was tiptoeing around phasing out bottles! At 12 months we were down to three bottles. We took out the morning bottle, no sweat. A couple months later, and we bid farewell to the afternoon “sleepy-time” bottle, which took a little more effort. I thought surely he’d throw a fit when we took away his nightcap bottle. But he seems just fine taking his milk in a cup instead. It’s a little more challenging to monitor his milk intake now, but I think he’s drinking just about the same. And now the bedtime routine is so much easier! Now it’s bath, jammies, milk, brush the teeth, cuddle with mommy and read a few books, and then into the crib. I’ve been putting a couple of books and toys in there with him, and he seems content to play in the dark for 10 minutes or so before nodding off. Amazing!

I’m also amazed at how much he loves to brush his teeth. He knows exactly when in the morning and evening we do it, and he marches in there, pointing insistently, as if to say, “Brush teeth, mama!” He noticed recently that we have two tooth brushes for him, so now he wants them both in his mouth. I figure he’s getting his teeth twice as clean, am I right? Or at least he’s enjoying it, which is even better.


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