Time to Man Up

May 16, 2010 at 3:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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On Mother’s Day I picked up a couple of choice filet mignons to grill for dinner, and being the grill-master I am (only by default, as James won’t go near the grill, which resides OUTside the house), I cooked these puppies all by myself. But when I went to turn on our gas grill, the right burner wouldn’t stay lit, and the left burner was burning very high and yellow. The steaks got cooked, sort of, but this definitely needed some looking into.

Today James, to his credit, did do some heavy-lifting, getting the old propane tank exchanged for a new one. (But only after I cleaned off all of the icky spider webs because my man is afraid of them. Gawd, I so wear the pants in this relationship.) But that didn’t fix the problem. We tried one other fairly easy solution, but no dice. Faced with the possibility of not eating charred meat this summer (nooooo!), I rolled up my sleeves, got out some tools, and took the damn thing apart. James, faced with the prospect of getting dirty, went inside to watch TV. Consulting the manual, I took apart the burners, and sure enough, they were all clogged up with creepy crawly residue. A few pokes with a small stick, then screwed back into the main frame, and presto! Ze grill works again!

Yep. I am the man.


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  1. […] dumb luck I managed to score us a new grill. The old one has been busted ever since I attempted in vain to fix it (really thought I had it there, too, but then I actually broke it when I tried to reassemble it, […]

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