Don’t listen to anything you hear

May 21, 2010 at 2:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I remember, when Liam was just starting to crawl, all the mothers I knew with older children would say, “Just wait until he can walk!” As if to say life would be so much harder then. I find myself saying the same thing to other moms I see with younger kids. But in all actuality, I much prefer walking Liam to laying-on-the-floor-crying-to-be-picked-up Liam. Sure, he gets into more stuff now. But it’s so nice to just call out to him, and in he toddles.

I feel the same way about those morning naps. Everyone told me I’d miss those morning naps. But, really, I much prefer the one, long afternoon nap. I can get so much done in the morning now — running errands, going to play dates –- and I don’t risk him falling asleep in the car or being too cranky. In our baby yoga class today one of the younger kids started fussing, and it made me remember how terribly fussy Liam would get near the end of class. But now he’s wide awake, running around, smiling at the other kids and adults. It really is so much better.

We’ve said farewell to bottles, he only uses four diapers a day, he can drink from his own cup (and use the cup holders, finally!), he can feed himself snacks, and he can sign and point to things he wants. Sure, sure, he’s also much pickier about his food, and he throws a fit when he doesn’t get what he wants. But all-in-all, I say infanthood is overrated…toddlerhood rocks. 


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  1. I think that warning is meant for parents of less polite and agreeable children. Liam’s a doll.

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