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Getting my Lost on for the last night ever…and still trying to wrap my head around that ending. Perhaps it’ll make more sense in the morning (SPOILERS AHEAD!), but if I surmised correctly, all of the characters die at some point in time, and they all meet up in the end to “move on”. Why they were picked for the island seems unimportant in the grander scheme, except that it was for them to have experienced it together in life, and then after life. Jacob said he picked them because they all had rough lives, so maybe he was ensuring they’d have a happy afterlife together. And what Desmond says is right, it’s didn’t really matter if Jack saved the island or not. It reminded me a bit of the ending of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, which doesn’t surprise me, as JJ Abrams is admittedly a SK fan. Aside from some lingering confusion, I loved how they brought the storyline full circle, bringing back some beloved characters, and reminding us of all of the connections. I think the saddest deaths on  this show were Charlie and Juliet, and unsurprisingly, they were my favorite reunions.

So, if I’m getting this right, the sideways world where none of them end up on the island is like purgatory, sort of. They live out their lives there until they figure out they can move on by finding the others they’re connected to. I’m guessing that Rose and Bernard aren’t in the church because they made their own life together on the island, and said they didn’t want to be involved with the others. And Michael and Walt weren’t there because…Michael betrayed them, maybe? And perhaps Ben doesn’t enter the church because he needs to jog his daughter’s memory, and maybe even Rouseau’s, so they can all move on together. And I don’t think the physicist was there with Charlotte – Desmond alluded to that when he told his mother he wouldn’t be leaving with him, but as if to say he was leaving eventually.

Well, it’s still not making complete sense, but I’m getting there. Perhaps they’ll air a wrap-up with the creators so they can explain everything. Ha ha, or probably not…I think they like keeping their fans guessing. Either way, I think I may just have to re-watch that episode tomorrow. And at some point re-watch the whole series. Perhaps it’s not the last night for Lost after all!


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