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For any fans of the show, I thought this was an interesting essay about the finale. Also, I love her little recaps, so hilarious. Be sure to check those out, too.

I talked to my mom last night, and apparently she interpreted that ending differently than I did. She thought they all died in the plane crash, and the island served as a test for them, and it was all in Jack’s mind/afterlife/whatever. So the whole thing was in his mind, or in his afterlife. Damn. That kinda fits, too. Though, I still think, or want to believe, that what happened on the island was real. No matter how fantastic, I like to think something magical like that could really exist. So I’m standing by my theory, that the island was real, and the reward for all the Losties came full circle in their sideways world. They didn’t die in the crash, but they met up again after their deaths because of what they experienced and accomplished in their lives and on the island.

Any other theories out there?


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  1. If only more people would read this.

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