Square Peg, Round Hole

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Weeks and weeks ago I met this wonderful yoga teacher, and I’ve been trying so hard to attend her class. They offer babysitting (yay!), but her class is at 9:30 AM (boo!) and the studio is 30 minutes away (double boo!) It’s all I can do to get Liam up, fed, dressed, then through rush hour traffic in time to get there. After two failed attempts, I decided we’d go to the 11 AM mama/baby/toddler class instead. Liam’s been loving the Itsy Bitsy class so much, doing all sorts of down dogs, I deluded myself into thinking he’d join me right on the mat. Ha. Ha. I got about 5 minutes of yoga, and 55 minutes of entertaining a whiny toddler in the other room. Sigh. Thing is, even with the 5 minutes I got, I can tell that I really like this studio. The owners were very understanding, and said I could try another class for free. So we’re going to try again Thursday, this time with him in the other room with the babysitter. They’re running a special on passes this week, so I’d really like to determine this week whether this will work as a regular class for us. Crossing my fingers we can make it there on time!

More ways I’m making my life harder…I’m trying out cloth diapers this week. Not really so much because I’m gung ho to save the environment, but more to save money. And so I’d have something to write on Tiny Tidbits. I’ll post the links to my thoughts on this as they go up, but so far it’s been a pretty big pain in the ass. You have to wash them every other day. Most of them have leaked, or I have to change him twice as often as I do with the disposables. Or I have to double up on the pads, and he has this ginormous baby butt. Ok, well that part is kinda cute. I got all different kinds, and I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to a couple of favs. But James is totally against the idea. He refuses to change the poopy ones now. This is a 21-day trial, so I either have 21 days to change his mind, or 21 days until I send the whole package back.

Sighhh. Forcing square pegs into round holes, just Liam does. He’ll learn eventually, but will I?


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