A Family Outing: The Zoo!

May 29, 2010 at 3:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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While Liam’s been to the zoo a few times with me, this is the first time he’s been there with both James and I. And while he’s been somewhat interested in the animals and people before, today he showed downright enthusiasm. Perched on daddy’s back in the Boba, we’d point out an animal, he’d scan around, and then yell, “Baaa!”, point, and start barking. Bwa, bwa, bwa. He did that with everything except for the horse, which he actually “neighed” at. If Liam could talk, I think this is how he’d describe it:

I was on a daddy’s back, and first we saw the doggy with the stripes (tiger). Then we saw the little doggies going in and out of their holes (prairie dogs). Boy, did I love those guys! Then we saw the doggy swinging way up high on the ropes above our heads (orangutan on the “O-line”). I pointed and yelled like crazy at that guy! The zookeepers even laughed at me. Daddy let me down in the mammal house, and I saw all sorts of doggies with long tails (lemurs and monkeys). Then we saw lots of big black doggies, a silver doggy, and a little puppy (gorillas). Then we saw a neigh (horse), and then another striped neigh (zebra). And then, then we saw three great big gray doggies! (elephants). I barked and barked at them! For just a second we saw a funny black and white doggy (panda). He was shy. And then, at the end, we saw a doggy with lots of polka dots! (leopard). Then I passed out on daddy’s back. I had a fun day!

Afterward we had lunch at Louisiana Kitchen in Bethesda, recommended by James’ work friend. We got there for Saturday brunch, so they only had brunch items on the menu. James ordered the Etufee omelet, I got the crab cake eggs benedict, and we shared a heaping bowl of gumbo. The gumbo was great, though still not as good as we make it. We may have to come back for a regular meal sometime – the brunch was good, but we were really craving more traditional cajun fare. We got a few beignets to go, and they’re sitting in the kitchen right now, calling my name. Mmmmm.

Sorry no photos. We had just parked the car when I realized I’d forgotten the camera. Oh well.


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  1. You’re Liam insight is hilarious. I definitely chuckled out loud every sentence!

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