Becoming a Grown-Up

June 10, 2010 at 2:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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I feel so adult right now. A real grown-up. I did something responsible adults do. Or that’s how I’ve always thought of it, anyway. I joined AAA. As in automobiles, not alcoholics. Though, you could argue both are responsible things to do. I had this eureka moment in the car the other day, which prompted this decision. I was loading Liam in, and he grabbed my keys right out of my hand. He’s getting quite handsy these days. And strong. So he’s playing with the keys, and I’m loading in groceries, and I suddenly thought, “I wonder if you can lock the car with that thing from the inside?” I took the keys back, got in the car, and sure enough…Lock! And, oh boy, does Liam love pushing that Lock button. I can just see it now…in my haste I shut the car door, he has the keys, and Lock! I imagined myself pleading with Liam, “Honey, push the UNlock button now? Please? For mommy?” And all the while my car is clicking and honking because he’s pushing that Lock button over and over and over…

So, in addition to providing a locksmith, they’ll also change your tire, and come tow your car if you need it. All things I would surely panic about if I were by myself with the boy. And it’s only about $65 a year, cheaper than I expected.

Speaking of growing up, Liam has had himself a little growth spurt. I can tell because I don’t have to roll up his pants anymore, and he can safely reach the tub faucet without falling in. So now I can take a shower while he peeks in and throws toys over the side, and I don’t have to worry about him face-planting into the tub. Peaceful shower, at last. Or so I thought. This morning I was in shower, Liam threw a couple toys in, got real quiet, and then…FLUSH. Oh, crap. Yes, Liam has a new trick. And it’s oh so much FUN.



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  1. JC! When I was in college and driving I got AAA. I can’t believe more people don’t have it! It’s so important. So very very important as a parent. Good job on being responsible. Tell other people! It’s been a godsend in our lives.

  2. Where is your adventurous spirit? Changing a tire with a baby is FUN:) Think of the learning experience for him.
    I know you are my OLDER sister, but I got AAA first. Not that I’m keeping score or anything.

  3. I have had AAA for ever. It totally pays for itself, the first time you have a problem. I’ve had my car towed, unlocked, flats changed…so great! Never have to worry about getting stuck on the side of the road for long!

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