Jill and Evie’s Visit

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We had an action-packed week, mostly geared for the kids, and thankfully mindful of afternoon naps/mommy happy hours. Despite a mix-up on Jill’s departing flight, which included a mad-dash to a different terminal, and Doug trying to bully his way through airport security, Jill and Evie made it to Baltimore in one piece. In fact, during their layover in Chicago, Evie asked if they could get on another airplane! Jill’s luggage didn’t arrive with her, but we had plenty of diapers and clothes to tide them over until it arrived late that night. We took it easy that first afternoon – I ran to the store to get more wine (apparently I didn’t buy enough, lol), and Jill shot this cute video of Evie feeding Liam:

Thursday we got an early start, taking the Metro down to the National Building Museum’s kids play zone. Evie couldn’t get enough of the train, watching as we went above ground, then back underground, and asking, “Mama, where is the outside?” Liam, as usual, kept busy people-watching. At the exhibit, Evie and Liam played with giant lego blocks, wooden trains, a dollhouse, and lots of other toys. Until they got hungry, and we had to make a graceful exit. Tummies sufficiently sated, we moved on to the gift shop, which they promptly destroyed. Well, they’re pretty small…more like rearranged. Jill had a particular souvenir request from 8-year-old Camden – a pencil shaped like a gavel. No luck at the gift shop there, but we were told the Supreme Court might have some. Lunchtime was upon us, so I took Jill to my fav hamburger joint, Matchbox, for some oh-so-yummy sliders. Liam and Evie had a grand ol’ time entertaining each other at the table, despite the slow service. On the way back to the subway, we popped into the Spy Museum gift shop, another of my favorite haunts, and Jill loaded up on souvenirs for the fam. No gavel pencils there, either.

Friday we took them to see the butterfly exhibit at the Brookside Gardens. Evie was so cute, flitting around like a little butterfly herself and pointing out all of the pretty butterflies. Liam was a bit more subdued, more interested in touching rocks than looking at butterflies. It was housed in this big, hot greenhouse, so we only lasted about 15 minutes before we needed to get out of there. It was hot, hot, hot this week – staying in the upper 80s and lower 90s most of the time. Ugh. Afterward, we headed to one of my favorite, dark, quiet restaurants, Fajita Coast for some yummy chips, salsa, shrimp burritos and enchiladas. Intent on getting Cam’s souvenir, we loaded sleepy kids into the car, programmed the GPS, and headed into town. Quite an ordeal, traffic in DC, and Jill saw the worst of it. People drive like lunatics here, and traffic was pretty heavy. We managed to get down there, Jill hopped out while I circled the block with sleeping kids, and a few minutes later I picked her up, mission accomplished!

Saturday we went to downtown Silver Spring for the Farmer’s Market to stock up on lunch and dinner for the day. We picked up some yummy heirloom tomatoes and crispy lettuce to make BLT’s, and we got a ton of squash and zucchini. We let the kids run around in the fountain in their swimsuits afterward. Evie had a great time, but Liam pretty much clung to me the whole time. Maybe next year, son. We headed home, had some lunch, and let the kids play in the pool for awhile, which was much more Liam’s speed. I bought Evie a bubble kit from Gymboree, recommended by several moms, and that was a heeyuge hit. Check out the video:

In the late afternoon we headed next door to our neighbor’s first birthday party. They had quite the spread – a hawaiian luau theme (because they’d been stationed there a couple years ago). We got completely eaten by mosquitoes, but the kids still had fun. Jill and I partook heavily of the free booze in lieu of the tasty-looking crabs – most of the husbands were helping their wives shell them, but James refused to come over, instead shutting himself in the bedroom to watch hours and hours of world cup soccer. I met lots of other local moms and dads, and with Jill there as my “date” I didn’t feel too weird showing up solo.

Sunday Evie woke up with a cold, so we canceled blueberry picking at Butler Orchard in favor of a big breakfast at home. While feeding Liam, I mentioned to James that Jill thought she heard Liam say the word “Outside.” And sure enough, right after I said it, Liam said, “Ou-sigh.” Then he was like ET, going “outside, outside, outside,” until I got the camera, and then he wouldn’t do it at all. This kid! I wanted to get Liam down for a proper nap, so we left him at home with James, and Jill donned Evie in the Ergo to head back to town for more shopping at the Spy Museum shop. Apparently Doug’s souvenir became a new toy for Evie, and she promptly lost some of the pieces, doh! Evie didn’t mind going back – loved the train, and didn’t even want down from the Ergo once in the hour-and-a-half we were gone. I think Jill is now a baby-wearing convert!

Monday we had planned to take Evie to the baby yoga class, but with a nose that had gone from drippy to outright gushing, we thought better of it and took her to the zoo instead. Jill and I in our matching baby carriers, we didn’t stay long because of the heat. But we got a great look at the Panda (probably the best I’ve ever seen), the elephants, and the orangutans both inside and on the O line. In search of air-conditioning and swedish meatballs, we then drove out to Ikea. Jill had never been to one, and I knew she’s love it. Evie and Liam did, too. Check out the video:

I got a new bedroom rug for Liam, and Jill picked up some uber-cute material to make a bedspread for Evie’s toddler bed. I promised Evie I’d get her a stuffed animal, so she picked out a giant red snake, and then a red soccer ball. I figured that last could be from Uncle Collin. (That’s what all the kids call him, instead of Uncle James.) Thankfully Jill left a lot of room in her luggage for all the stuff she bought. She managed to get it all shoved in there, and had an uneventful flight home. Well, uneventful in that they made it there on time and with their luggage. Apparently Evie didn’t do as well on the first leg because she had to sit in the middle seat.

I still have lots of pics to go through, but I’ll leave you with my favorite of the bunch so far, one Jill took last night of the kids in the bath. Look for more later this week!



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