My boy is 18 months old!

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Quite a milestone we’re hitting today. Liam seems less like a little baby and more like a little boy. He’s casting away his baby toys, holding his own spoon, and asserting his independence. When he’s not attached to me at the hip. Here’s more of what he’s been up to:

  • When Liam first learned to walk, we heard, “Pit-pat (pause), pit-pat.” Now it’s “Pitterpatterpitterpatterpitterpatterpitterpatterpitterpatterpitterpatterpitterpatter (pause for one second to change direction) pitterpatterpitterpatterpitterpatter…” I used to wonder what the big deal was about baby proofing. Surely I could catch him before he got into anything. But now I’ll be at my computer, turn around (or rather, he turns me around. He’s getting strong!), and he hands me something I had no idea he could get into.
  • Or reach, for that matter. I think Liam’s grown three inches in three months. Or it seems that way, anyhow. We’ll know for sure at his check up in late July. For now I have to really watch what I put at the edge of the kitchen table. This morning I got up to get his milk, and came back to see he’d grabbed my cereal bar and was happily munching it on the floor. The little thief.
  • Liam can add “outside” to his repertoire, though he says it more like, “Ow-sah.” He’s been babbling quite a lot lately, throwing odd vowels and consonants together. Today we had a play date with Alice and her kids, and I swear he said her name. The only other word I’ve heard him say is “asses.” Wonderful.
  • It’s like a switch has gone off, and suddenly Liam is going bananas for bananas. The other day he ate a whole one plus half of Evie’s. He’s also suddenly loving blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. I tried him on bits of mango this morning, and this afternoon we’re on to peaches. Bye bye, baby food!
  • All of Liam’s molars have come in, and he’s got one new bottom tooth. We’re just waiting on one last bottom tooth, and then I think we’re set for teeth for awhile. Until the incisors. I hear those can be the worst.
  • Being summer, James inhales popsicles all afternoon and evening. Liam dutifully follows him to the couch, opens his mouth, and James lets him touch it with his tongue. He doesn’t want to eat it…just taste it. For now.
  • Our little Napoleon surveys his surroundings with his hands behind his back and his elbows stuck out, just marching along like he owns the place. Which he does.
  • Liam is all about mama these days. I can’t go far without him following me, and god forbid anyone else tries to hold him. Even James can’t hold him for long before he’s begging to go back to me. I really can’t wait for this phase to be over.
  • Liam is growing fearless. His favorite game is to jump on the couch. We have to put him up there, but then he’s off, diving into pillows, running from one end to the other, and jumping up and down while holding onto the back cushion. We have to watch him closely, though. Twice now he’s run headlong right off the end of the chaise lounge, and we’ve both been there to catch him before he falls. I have a feeling there’s a bruise in his future. One to match his scabbed up knees.
  • Every night at bedtime I pick out three books to read, lay them on his table next to the glider, and we cozy up with a blanket. I pick up one book, he carefully scans the cover, then cranes his neck to see what the other two books are on his table. Then he usually pushes that book away until I pick up the one he’d rather start with. Mister Particular! His favorites are Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, The Monster at the End of This Book (also my fav as a kid), and Beddy Bye Baby.   
  • No more fast-food lunches or fries with dinner. It used to be I could eat french fries and feed him green beans, rice, or whatever healthy dinner I had planned for him. Not anymore. Now he just begs and cries and refuses to eat anything until I give him a fry. And another. And another. And who could blame him? I’d rather eat french fries than green beans, too.

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