Channeling Macaulay Culkin

June 29, 2010 at 2:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Yesterday before dinner this guy came to our door. I saw him earlier knocking on our neighbor’s door, and I figured he was selling something, or asking for signatures on a petition, or something along those lines. I told James to watch Liam while I “got rid of him.” To tell you the truth, I dread the door-to-door salesman. I’m always too nice to cut them off mid-schpeel, and although I never give them money, if they’re asking for donations to a worthy cause, I feel terribly guilty turning them away. So imagine my relief when the guy said he was letting the neighbors know that the phone company was doing some work, and it might be affecting our home alarm systems. He showed me a diagram on a laminated card, and I could see he was wearing a shirt with Platinum Security Service monogrammed on it. I cut him off mid-schpeel with no guilt whatsoever. “Oh, we don’t have an alarm system. We’ll be fine.” He thanked me for my time, and went on his merry way.

I told James what transpired, and he said, “Um, you realize you just told that guy our house is unprotected?” Suddenly my heart raced…did I just fall for a scam? Was this guy casing our joint, or whatever would-be thieves do? I googled Platinum Security and got nothing for our area. I jogged up the street to see if I could catch up with the guy, but by then he was nowhere to be found.


So this morning when I woke up, all I could think about was protecting my fort. My mind raced with Home-Alone-esque schemes, booby traps to trip up anyone trying to get in. But with an inquisitive toddler in the house, I thought perhaps that wasn’t the safest option. Instead, I double-checked all of the door and window locks, turned on the lights in the kitchen, and hoped that the illusion that someone was here despite there being no car in the driveway would deter anyone from breaking and entering. Liam and I went to our playdate (a tour of the Bethesda Rescue and Fire House, which was very cool, though he was a little young to understand it. That’s us sitting in the fire truck in the photo above), and I put it out of my mind until I was driving up our street.

No signs of forced entry greeted me when I arrived. And who knows, perhaps this guy really was just alerting the neighbors to power outages. The power had been going off and on all day that day. I assumed it was because we’d had some storms. But maybe there was some work going on in the neighborhood, too. In any case, I doubt I’ll be resting easy every time I have to leave the house this week. Next time I’m making James answer the door. 



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  1. Call the police & see if they think it was a scam. That way your family & house will be protected!

    • Good idea, Jan, thanks! I just called, and they said there have been no reports about this guy, and no break ins in my area since Saturday. She also said that what he claimed made sense — that work on the phone utility would interrupt security alarms. Still, I’m going to look into the cost of an alarm system, and if that’s even feasible in a rental. They’ve got these do-it-yourself kits, but according to the local police, it has to be run through a monitoring system that’s registered with county, or the police won’t respond to the alarm. In her words, those kits just, “piss off your neighbors.” Good to know.

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