Twilight Eclipse

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After much anticipation, I finally saw the newest edition to the Twilight series: Eclipse. Being a Saturday night, we bought our tickets earlier in the day, and arrived at the theater an hour ahead of time. Turns out all that precaution was for naught – we had plenty of time to snag a good seat, and even enough time for a little pre-movie shoe shopping. I hoped this wasn’t a bad sign, that so few people were seeing this movie on a Saturday night.

But that fear was also for naught — this movie is not bad. Not bad at all. Still not as good as the book, but when is the movie ever as good as the book? In fact, this is hands down my favorite of the trilogy thus far. The chemistry between Edward and Bella finally clicked for me, and my Team Jacob stance started to waver. At least until Jacob took his shirt off, lol. There were some hilarious lines in this film, notably when Edward says to Bella about Jacob, “Does this guy even own a shirt?” My favorite scene in the book, when Jacob and Edward have their heart-to-heart in the tent while Bella is sleeping, was also my favorite scene in the movie. Hats off, boys, you played it well. I also loved Edward’s proposal to Bella, another strike for Team Edward. It’s almost too bad that I know how this all ends from reading the books. I remember when I got to this stage in the novels, I was so torn over who Bella would choose. In the books I loved Edward, but I also loved Jacob’s humor and playfulness. I think both of these aspects came through in this installment of the movie, much better than in the first two.

I particularly liked the flashbacks in the vampire storylines, another of my favorite parts from the book. I’m sure there were lots of points from the book that didn’t make it into the movie, but I didn’t even notice. Perhaps I’m getting senile in my old age – I just re-read Eclipse last fall after I saw New Moon. Or perhaps this adaptation didn’t feel like it was missing anything. There were some additions, like the valedictorian speech, which I don’t remember in the book. But I think they only helped enhance the story.

I can’t wait for the next installment, Breaking Dawn, which I hear is being broken into two films. I’m curious where they’ll end the first and start the second – perhaps with the birth of Renesmee? I want to re-read Breaking Dawn, but I’ve been waiting for them to finally release it in paperback so it’ll match the format of my collection. According to my research, it’s looking like early August of this year, unless I want to order it from overseas and pay as much as the hardcover. Since I’ve already read it, I think it’s worth the wait.


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