A Very Hot Ride

July 6, 2010 at 3:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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Last week Liam and I popped into the bike shop to inquire about baby bike seats. I know I talked about doing this months ago, but it’s taken awhile to get up the motivation to look into it. I was still trying to decide if I was going to spend big money on a new one, or try to find one used. Good thing I stopped in to the shop to talk to them first. Turns out you have to have a matching rack to go with the seat, something I’ve never seen in the consignment shops. And because my bike frame is so small (midget size, you might say), we weren’t even sure a baby seat would attach properly. They were out of stock, but ordered me one and expected it in at the end of the week. The weather was so cool last week, low 80s, perfect biking weather.

But, of course, the seat didn’t come in until the weekend. And with the holiday and my schedule, the soonest I could pick it up was today. Today, when Washington was expecting a record-setting high of 100 degrees. Undeterred, I strapped Liam onto my back, then walked my bike about a mile down a very hot and busy Georgia Avenue to the shop. We left at 10 AM when it was a mere 92 degrees. My face just poured sweat, and Liam remained dazedly silent. Thankfully the guys at the shop got the seat on there just fine, and we fitted Liam with a bike helmet (quite an ordeal, though still not as bad as the doctor’s office). We even got a bell, something I’ve been wanting so I can stop shouting, “On your left!” every time we pass someone on the trail. Liam looked so super cute in his helmet, even though he was screaming the whole time I made him wear it. His seat looks absolutely gargantuan on my bike, but with our dorky helmets, I’m not too concerned about how we look.

To help calm him down for our hot ride home, we stopped in the Tropical Ice Cream shop next door. This was my first time, and I have a feeling I’ll be coming back. We tried a scoop of Guanabana Soursop flavor, mostly because I’d never heard of it, and it had a mellow, creamy flavor. It dried up those tears fast enough, for sure. At least until we got back to the shop and strapped Liam into his seat with his helmet on. He wailed for about a block until we got up a little speed. Then he rather enjoyed it. It took me a bit to get used to the balance – I chose to walk the bike along the road until we got to the pedestrian bridge, then waited until we were facing downhill before mounting the bike. Then I discovered it’s actually much easier to balance while riding than while pushing and walking. Getting on and off the bike is the trickiest – I’m used to leaning the bike toward me and swinging my right foot around the back of the seat, but with Liam there, I have to hook my foot up over the bar. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon enough. We got home around noon, when the high was 99 degrees. Ugh. Needless to say we got right into the house, and have no plans for going outdoors again today.

They’re calling for more blistering heat tomorrow, but I’m hoping if Liam and I get going right after breakfast, we can take a short jaunt up and down the trail before it hits 90. Most of the path is shaded, but it’s all sun from my house to the trail. Thankfully it looks like the heat will abate by the weekend. I’m so happy to be back on my bike again. And I hope Liam grows to love riding with me…though I doubt he’ll ever love the helmet.


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