If you give a mouse a tomato…

July 19, 2010 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

We have mice. Dammit. We’ve been through this once before in New York, but this time I’m a hypersensitive mom, and it’s kinda freakin’ me out. While I didn’t love our little circus of mice in our cockroach-infested Brooklyn apartment, at least it seemed they were keeping the other creepy crawlies at bay. But last week when I saw the fur-ball dart out from under the couch, and then worse, when I found mouse droppings in Liam’s diaper bag, it was all I could do to keep from calling the landlord that very night. I had mercy – he’s got a newborn at home – so I sent him an email, and he sent over an exterminator today. Just in time, too. After my trip to the farmer’s market yesterday, I set a delectably ripe tomato on the window sill, and when I went back to eat it at dinner, there was an unmistakable, mouse-size bite taken out of it. Little fuckers.

Far from a Joe Pesci look-a-like, Hernando the Maryland exterminator politely showed me all the spots the little critters were getting in – the dryer vent, under the stove – and then showed me all the mouse gauntlets he planned to set up. Incidentally, under the stove we found a board book I’ve been looking for since April, one I thought I lost at the airport. Sadly, no other missing toys (or ninjas, Jill) were under there.   

So this afternoon I’m busily disinfecting Liam’s toys and high chair (mouse droppings on all, and it’s making me sick just thinking about it), vacuuming in spots I rarely clean, and giving up hope that Liam will get a good nap today. We also had a tree trimmer out today – a huge limb fell down in last night’s storm – and Liam couldn’t sleep through the ruckus.


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  1. Those sticky pads work really well at detering mice. I’m something of a mice catcher myself. I used to wait until I saw what path they took and then set one of those sticky pads out. Got them everytime! Hope they go away soon!

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