Mom’s Night Out and Burgers Rejoice!

July 20, 2010 at 3:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Boy fed, bathed, read to, lights out, and shazaam via Metro to downtown Silver Spring for my much-needed mom’s night out. I chose a local dive bar famed for good burgers, The Quarry House. I met my friend Misty, and we totally felt like old moms in the din of chattering tattooed college kids. But no matter. We feasted on burgers, tots, and beers, and regaled each other with stories of our kids. Her little girl is a couple of months younger than Liam, and already talking up a storm. All I could offer was that Liam is barking like a champ.

My burger was so good, it made it to #7 on my Top 10 Burger List. Yum, indeed.

In other news, I’ve discovered why Liam always wants to sit on my right side when I sit with him on my lap at the computer. See, I figured it was because he wanted to make it impossible for me to get any work done, impeding my ability to use the mouse and thus playing with him instead. But today I turned my chair around, and he nervously switched to my left side. Then as I swiveled back to the computer, he switched to my right side. All in an effort to stay as far away as possible from the dreaded, evil PRINTER!! The minute I switch it on, he started whining and shaking. Oh, child!

He makes up for it by being so damn cute:


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