Liam is 19 months old!

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Here’s what my little munchkin has been up to:

  • We have mastered the back position in the Boba! Shortly after his 18-month mark, and right after Jill’s visit, I successfully got Liam up on my back and strapped in with no assistance whatsoever. I’m not sure if it was a matter of practice, or that Liam is finally big enough to sit sturdily on my back. Probably a little of both. Either way, it’s wonderfully freeing to know I can finally do this on my own.
  • Liam did marginally better at his doctor’s visit today. While he still screamed his head off when the nurse came in to take his measurements, he sat more calmly for the doctor. It helped that I brought his blankie and favorite dog, and a few books to read while we waited. He only had one shot to get, and of course he cried for that. I found it hard to believe he’d only grown one inch since our last visit, so when I got home I measured him against the wall. Sure enough, 30 inches. So he’s still in the 2nd or 3rd percentile in height. Click here to get more stats.
  • Liam’s becoming quite the little mimic. He can hoo-hoo like an owl, neigh like a horse, grunt like a pig, bark like a dog, and sometimes, when he feels like it, he’ll even repeat a cow’s hearty moooo. When we sing “Six Little Ducks” he flaps his arms like a duck right along with me.
  • Liam’s very favorite word is still “outside”. It’s the first word he says in the morning, pointing enthusiastically at his window from the crib. And it’s the last pleading word he says at night, pointing at the front door in his pajamas before we march him down the hall to bed. 
  • Mr. Shaggy head is in need of a haircut soon, and I’m absolutely dreading it. Holding him down on my lap while the hairdresser quickly and carefully snips away isn’t going to work this time. He’s getting too strong for me. So, I did a little research, and the consensus favors sugary bribes in the form of lollipops. Liam’s never had one, but I’m not above giving him one if it means he’ll sit there in peace. I may let him get a bit shaggier before I go, but certainly those locks will be tamed before our trip to Kansas City in late September.
  • He’s still not a huge fan of fresh fruits. While he’s usually game for fresh blueberries, I have to serve peaches, mangoes, raspberries and strawberries mixed with his morning oatmeal. As long as there’s a bit of oatmeal on the spoon with the fruit, he’ll eat it. And I’ve discovered there’s a huge difference between freeze-dried and simply dried strawberries, according to the boy. Dried and chewy, and they get spit out. Freeze-dried and crispy, and it’s yummy yum yum.
  • Baby yoga has gotten especially fun this month. Not only can he do Down Dog, but on command he’ll do Tree Pose, Knee to the Chest, and he’ll spin in circles.
  • It amazes me what he’s learning that I didn’t even teach him. In the bathtub we make a game of pointing out each of his body parts. We do hair, eyes, nose, teeth, chin, and so on. Sometimes he points to me, sometimes he points to himself – he’s still working on those pronouns. One day I asked, “Where’s mommy’s shoulder?” expecting to have to point it out to him because this was one I’d never asked. But he leaned forward and placed a chubby finger right on my shoulder!

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