Now I’ve Done It…

August 16, 2010 at 3:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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As if Liam wasn’t already afraid of the printer, now I’ve scared him from the office completely. We were dusting, and I noticed a letter that needed shredding. Normally I can’t do it because he’s napping, so I thought, perfect, I’ll just do this now that he’s awake. Ummm, bad I idea. I flipped the switch, set the thing in motion, and Liam absolutely screamed in fright! I had to finish my dusting while holding him, then he wouldn’t let me put him down at all until lunchtime. After lunch he insisted on sitting in my lap, only periodically getting down to play for a minute, then begging to be picked up again. What a skittish lil’ guy! I tried writing this blog post on my iPhone, but discovered what a frustrating prospect it is to type anything of length on the thing! I had to wait until naptime to even turn on the computer. Oy!


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  1. […] kid is skittish. He’s afraid of the printer, and recently became afraid of the paper shredder. The other day he was fiddling with the front of the TV, pushed the power button, then yelped and […]

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