Liam is 20 months old!

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It’s like this kid is changing before my eyes. He’s growing taller and slimming down, looking more and more like a grown up little boy. He’s figuring things out for himself so quickly, it’s like you can see the little wheels turning in his head. Here’s what else he’s been up to:

  • I was chasing Liam with the camera, desperately trying to get a good photo for this update. I was like, “Liam, let’s go knock on the window. Let’s go play with the firetruck.” Exasperated, I said, “Liam, look at mommy and smile!” This was the resulting face he made. Look how much he’s straining his neck! I laughed for 10 minutes. Check out the rest of the photos I took.
  • Note to self: Don’t let Liam shut himself in the bathroom anymore. He can’t turn the knob, but he can turn the lock.
  • Liam added “Uh-oh” to his meager list of words. He likes to run them all together now in his own little made up sentences, “Ma ma, da da, mamadada, outsah! Nana! Nana! Uh oh.” Though mostly he just jibber jabbers nonsense to me as if he’s saying something important. In the morning when he wakes up he’s so animatedly talking to me, it’s as if he’s describing his dreams. I think we’re in for it once he gets these words down.
  • This kid is skittish. He’s afraid of the printer, and recently became afraid of the paper shredder. The other day he was fiddling with the front of the TV, pushed the power button, then yelped and ran to me when the TV came to life. Of course, once he understood that it was just the TV, he was fine. I’m sure he’ll outgrow these fears – the vacuum and dustbuster, former harbingers of doom, delight him now.
  • Yesterday at the park Liam got his first kiss. And doesn’t he look thrilled to be on the receiving end?
  • Liam loves to bring me things. And he gets quite put out if I don’t take them. For instance, when it’s looking like we might be going outside, he runs to the front door and grabs James’s sneakers. Once I’ve taken those, he runs back and gets my sneakers. And if I’ve put his sneakers on the table, you can bet he’ll get those next. The other day he brought me the kitchen rug. It took me a minute to figure out what it was and where it came from. Oy vey!
  • This morning we went to the park, and when we approached the slide, I said what I usually say, “Now slide down on your tummy!” Usually he just stands there like a dope and I have to catch him before he goes face first over the edge. But this time he got down on his knees, shimmied his little feet over, and slid down. ALL BY HIMSELF! 
  • His favorite toys right now are his fire truck and school bus, hand-me-downs from his cousins. He pushes them down the hallway, laughs his little butt off, then waddles down there to push them further. When he hits a wall, he laughs even harder.
  • Liam has some quirky little habits, things I assumed all kids did, but after talking to my sister, I realized these might be unique to my little guy. Like when he hears a helicopter, he immediately shoots his finger up to the sky. But then he’ll take my hand and point it up there, as well. When we’re reading a book that has textured pages, he’ll feel it, then grab my hand and make me feel it, too. Another of his cute quirks: he likes to take his stuffed animals and clap their hands. I first caught him doing it to his sock monkey jack-in-the-box a few months ago. But now he’s doing it to his dogs, his sheep, and his dinosaur bath toy. I managed to catch him on video doing it:

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