Liam is 21 months old!

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Even this week, while we’ve been visiting with grandma and grandpa in KC, Liam is achieving new feats and exhibiting new quirks. Here are some of the best:

  • Liam has added some new words to his vocab — woah, hey, baby,yeah, yay, and side (for “inside”). It cracks us up when he combines these to say, “Woah, baby” and “Hey, baby”. He’s gotten quite adept at these two-word combinations. Today at Jill’s house, when her dog Alfie knocked Liam down in his zeal, Liam got himself up and said, “Uh oh, woof woof.”
  • Liam is just starting to get more interested in watching TV. He loves the Dog Whisperer (barking through the whole episode), and a show we found on PBS called Dinosaur Train. It’s about a family of dinosaurs who ride a time-traveling train, learning about different species of dinosaurs and lizards. Nerdy, I know, but it combines two of Liam’s favorite things!
  • Every morning when James leaves for work he gives Liam a kiss while I hold him on my hip. Then Liam puts his little hand behind my neck and pushes me toward daddy, indicating that it’s mommy’s turn for the kiss now.
  • Liam has some definitive favorites at this age. Favorite color: red. Favorite shape: circle. Favorite song: Itsy Bitsy Spider or Six Little Ducks (both have a sign he gives me when he wants me to sing them). Favorite stuffed animal: bull dog. Favorite word: Uh oh (which has now surpassed “outside”)
  • James finally took his golf clubs out of their box, and while it sat waiting for its trip outside to the curb, Liam invented a new and apparently hilarious game. He rolls his large yoga ball right into it, shaking the box and leaving Liam in a fit of giggles. We’ve decided to keep the box.
  • After every meal, Liam sits down on the floor next to his bookshelf and reads his books. We’re surprised how careful he is with them, even the ones with the paper pages.
  • In addition to pointing his finger and expecting a return point ala ET, Liam also loves giving fist bumps.
  • Liam had a couple of restless nights sleeping in the pack ‘n play at night while we’ve been in KC, so the other night I brought him in the bed with us. He tossed and turned, then in the wee hours he threw one leg over me and slept right on top of me, with his head in the crook of my neck and his tummy against mine. No matter how I shifted to move him to my side, he kept wiggling to lay on top. I finally gave up and let him sleep like that, all snuggled up to me like he did when he was just a tiny baby.

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