The trip home

September 29, 2010 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Sheesh, what an ordeal! It all started about halfway through our flight home, when we expected Liam to be sound asleep in our laps, and instead he was a cranky, stubborn mess. He didn’t seem happy anywhere, but constant snacks did appease him somewhat. We landed at four, the luggage came out right away, the shuttle bus got there without much delay, and it seemed our day was brightening. Until we pulled up to pay for our economy parking, a whopping $96!!! We quickly did the math, $12 a day for 7 days…yeah, that’s right. What a rip off! And it’s the cheapest parking you can get there. We had considered taking the Metro, but with Liam in tow, and the luggage, and contending with morning rush hour on the way there and evening rush hour on the way back, we figured it would be worth the cost. Just barely, I’d say.

So, coming out of our parking sticker shock, we immediately hit DC traffic. We crawled up highway 1, sped through the tunnel under the mall on 395, then crawled again on Massechusetts. About an hour later, and right in the middle of the ghetto, this guy pulls up next to us to signal we should roll down the window. Said our rear driver-side tire was flat, and he’d been trying to let us know for a few blocks now. I guess we figured someone was honking at someone else with all that traffic. OH, and did we mention it was raining?!

Rather than mess with AAA, James and I changed it ourselves. James got those stubborn lug nuts off while I did the jack, and Liam woke up from his doze (at 5:30 PM!!!) to watch us in his bemused way. Thankfully the rain had stopped, and it didn’t take long for us to figure it out. James may not know a lot about cars, but he does know how to change a tire at least.

So, with the delay, and the traffic, we finally made it home at 6:15 – over two hours after our plane landed. Lesson learned: no more “naptime” flights on weekdays during rush hour. Tomorrow the craptasticness continues with my hunt for a new tire, canceling my morning play date, and attempting to catch up on all the work that has piled up while I’ve been away. And my shiny new grass is probably all dead now, what with 95-degree weather they had while we were away and with no one here to water. Wunderbar!



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  1. Two hours actually isn’t too bad. Luggage at KCI can sometimes take 45 minutes, then you have wait for the shuttle to the parking, and then the drive home. Granted, it’s better now that we live in KC and not Lawrence, which took 45 minutes to drive home. Bleh. There’s a reason I despise flying. Glad you made it home safely! Hope you enjoyed your trip.

  2. Sorry you had such a crummy return trip! Traveling with kids is hard enough without the added drama of a flat tire. Here’s hoping that you have a much better day today! 🙂

  3. I think 2 hours in rush hour with a flat tire from landing time to home is pretty darn good! It sometimes takes us that long (if not more) even if we aren’t battling traffic!

    Regan has steep prices for parking (supply/demand). BWI has direct flights to KC (southwest) and their economy parking is far cheaper. BWI seems farther but it’s a toss up when you consider traffic v. distance.

    I try to schedule flights around Syd’s nap time too but that could also backfire if the squirt doesn’t want to simmer down for a nap and then you have a cranky tired kid on your lap. Regardless flying with kids is annoying. To say I’m ecstatic to not be traveling with the entire family in the near future is an understatement!

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