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October 7, 2010 at 2:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments
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Liam and I joined two other boys his age at Clark’s Elioak Farm to feed, pet, and bark at the animals. Or at least that’s what Liam did. His favorite was definitely the goat, who from his perspective looked a lot like Jill’s dog Alfie. We also went on a hayride, but by then the boys were beat, so they sat through it in silence.

At lunch today I caught Liam demonstrating his classical conditioning: whenever he hears the banjo theme to NPR’s Car Talk, he shouts, “Ha!” Only took us nine months for him to pick that up. (For those of you not familiar with Car Talk, Ray yells a sharp “Ha!” whenever they come back from a break. So that’s where Liam got it.)



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  1. Has Liam been to Deanna Rose Farmstead in KS?

    • No. We keep talking about going every time we’re out, but then something comes up to keep us from going. I’m sure he’d love it. Maybe next time. Sorry we didn’t get to see you on this trip. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. I wonder if Liam makes that sweet “haaaa” sound because he likes NPR or just banjo theme songs!

    • He does it because Ray, one of the hosts, says, “Ha!” when they come back from a break. One day Liam just repeated it, and now he associates it with the music. So funny what kids will pick up on!

  3. […] wrote about Liam’s little response to Car Talk on NPR. The other day when we were listening to the show, Ray announced they’d be […]

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