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Liam and I took our own little field trip to the National Geographic Museum to see their new Gecko exhibit this morning. Unsurprisingly, Liam sat enrapt for the train ride to Farragut North, and rode happily on my back to the museum. Inside we found several glass cases with sluggish geckos inside. We found most of them nocturnal and sleeping the day away. Some of them were very hard to spot, and I found Liam staring at the wrong spot on more than one occasion. But we found some other more interactive activities to partake in – Liam’s favorite was the touch screen game where you had to pick out the gecko hidden in camouflage, and if you touched it correctly, it would play a sloppy chomping and swallowing sound that just cracked him up every time.

We had even more fun at the next exhibit, Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life. At the entrance we found a giant wooden xylophone, which of course we had to bang on. And inside a special room we found a cornucopia of percussion instruments, both natural and electronic, that set Liam off in fits and giggles at every new strange sound his mallet produced. The IMG_0194rest of the exhibit was geared toward adults and older kids, so Liam just set off running back and forth across the fairly empty room. He’s easy to please.

For lunch we took the train to Union Station for burgers and fries at Johnny Rockets, where he learned an essential skill: dipping his fries in ketchup. He liked that. A lot.



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  1. Awww! So fun! I hope I do as much stuff with Chewy as you do with Liam. Where do you find out about activities?

    And congrats to mister Liam for being inducted into the toddler ketchup club! Everything will need ketchup now!

  2. I’m sure you will! It’s tougher when you’re working full time — I do a lot more now with Liam than I did when I was working. But there’s still plenty of things to do on the weekends. I find out about activities mostly online. has been a godsend, connecting me to so many moms in the area. I’m sure they’ve got groups on there in KC, too. I also check this site for local kids events:
    I found out about this through a local yahoo listserv, another great resource for activities and such. As for today’s event, I just happened to have the Nat Geo Museum website bookmarked — it was one of my favs when we lived here before — and I just happened to check it this morning.

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