A very long day

October 17, 2010 at 7:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Liam got up at 5 this morning. As in 5 AM. As in too early for even the birds to be awake. I tried rocking him back to sleep, but he wanted to read. And then he wanted to play. All morning long he threw tantrums at every tiny little frustration. We got a reprieve at breakfast, but only a short one. Exasperated, I put on his shoes and socks, declaring that we were going to walk to the metro early and take as much times as possible going to our Itsy Bitsy Yoga class. To which he replied, “Shoes!” Another new word for the boy! And one I’m not surprised he learned, as much as he loves putting them on.

We meandered up to the Metro, he climbed on my back, and we took the train to Takoma Park. I stopped off at Mayorga, a coffee house on the way, and had my first Chai of the season. Mmmmm, chai. That helped perk me up a bit. In class Liam was the star, clapping “yeah” after every pose, and doing almost all of them successfully. At the end of class we sit with our hands in prayer position and chant one “Ommm.” Liam looked up at me, clapped his little hands together in that endearingly clumsy way of his, and shouted, “Ommm!” So. Freaking. Cute. Sort of made up for that 5 AM wake up call.

The trains ran late, so we got back for a late lunch and nap. Unfortunately, I had to wake up him so we could go take our pictures at Glen Echo Park. I’d arranged for my friend Rose to take our photos – we’re working out a trade, her photography skills for my graphic design ones. We got there an hour before sunset, and the light was gorgeous. It was one of those beautiful fall days, leaves falling (though not quite changed), the temperature was perfectly cool, but not too cool, and Liam cooperated for the most part. I can’t wait to see the photos! I’ll be sure to post a few. We plan on getting some Christmas cards and some framed photos for family this year.

We hit some major traffic on the way back (Beeeeltwaaaaay! I curse you!), so it was a late dinner, bath and bedtime for the tyke. And now I’m bloody exhausted! I want to go to bed, but I’ve still got a little work to do. And I’m sure I’ll want to watch the Mad Men season finale at 10. This season went by so fast! I’m sad it’s over.

Tomorrow, no rest for the weary. We’re off to the Baltimore Zoo to feed some giraffes. They’re offering a free day, so I offered to host a play date there on Meetup. I’m beginning to regret our busy schedule, which doesn’t let up until after Halloween. But the alternative is repetitive trips to the park. Liam has gotten so that 10 AM hits and he wants to go out! Right now! Urgh.


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