Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

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Liam got up at 6 this morning, marginally better than yesterday. Though, it helped that I just left him in his crib until 7. I figure if he’s not screaming his head off and he can’t crawl out, what’s the rush? Anywho, we had plenty of time to make it to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore for our meetup, which I was hosting. (This is becoming a regular gig for me, which is both fun and a little stressful. But it’s getting easier the more I do it). The weather was perfect, we had a good number of people show up (there were three moms, one nanny, and six kids) and Liam had a ball. He especially loved the petting zoo – he was petting and neighing and brushing and pointing and loving it! We didn’t see the whole park, but I plan on dragging James there on an upcoming weekend. We saw a lot of animals that have been absent at the National Zoo – the polar bear, the giraffe, and the ostrich, to name a few. They also had a wonderful chimp enclosure, where we got to see them at mealtime. We took the kids on the little train that goes around a small part of the park. Liam started crying when we boarded, like he was scared. He did that at White Flint mall on their little train, too. Seems he’s got a new phobia. Great. He was better once we got moving. We skipped the carousel and the penguins. We’ll try those next time.


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