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Today Liam and I discovered a biker-friendly route to the head of the Capital Crescent Trail, one I’ve been wanting to explore, but always thought it was too far to get to. Turns out it’s only about a mile from our house, which isn’t too far by bike. So off we went this morning. We passed over a beautiful bridge at Rock Creek, and suddenly I had deja vu. I’d been here before! Back when we lived here in 2006, I must have found a connection to this trail further north where I used to pick up the trail in Kensington. Further down we passed a map, and I set a goal to make it to the Old Mill, which was at the 5 mile marker. Except that the trail took an uphill turn, so we ended up stopping at a park in downtown Bethesda, right around the 3 mile marker. We needed to get back for lunch, so it’s probably best we had a short pit stop and then headed back. If the weather holds out next month, I’d like to try this again and see if I can make it to the Mill. The trail is awfully picturesque. Check it out.

Sunday we’re setting off for another biking adventure, but this time we’ll be riding the train down to the Mall and setting off for a park down there as part of a Meetup. I’m hoping the whole baby on the bike on the train thing goes well. I’ve been wanting to take Liam down for a ride around the monuments. This will be my test to see how much of a pain it is.


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