Liam is 22 months old!

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I have so much to report this month! Suddenly my baby has woken up and become a little inquisitive creature! Here’s what he’s been up to this month:

  • Liam is talking like crazy! It started with repeating words that I said or read, “Moo. Boo. Shhhhh. Bye Bye.” Then he started repeating what he heard from other kids, “Bee. Ball.” Then he started repeating words he heard on TV, “Roar! Me. Yay!” And then, without provocation, he just figured out how to say a word he’s been wanting to say for ages, “Shoes.” As in, “Mama, put my shoes on, I want to go outside. Now.” In the mornings he says, “Bye Bye, Da-da” with an energetic wave. This morning he said, “No, no, no.” The floodgates have been opened.
  • Liam can’t get enough of cartoons and Animal Planet. I’ve started taping Dinosaur Train and It’s Me or the Dog for him. He also likes Curious George and SuperWhy. I’ve stuck to PBS so far because I like the non-commercial format. I’m sure once I get sick of these I’ll start to expose him to some more of the less annoying ones. (Read: No Sponge Bob or Barney if I can help it.)
  • Liam loves being outside. Every morning after we’ve gotten dressed, he starts whining for his shoes. God forbid I put them on before I’m ready to leave the house. A fit ensues until I can get him out the door. He walks down the porch steps to the sidewalk, and it takes a little coaxing to get him to the car. Most times I just pick him up screaming and put him in there. I guess the car doesn’t count as “outside.” After his nap and snack, we put shoes on again (he says, “choos”), and make our way up the street to the Metro to meet Daddy. The other day James came home early, right in the middle of snack time, and Liam absolutely lost it! He knew that once daddy was home we weren’t going up to meet him. I had to take him outside for an hour after that just to placate him. What ever are we going to do this winter?
  • He’s getting more opinionated about his food options. Not picky, per se, but sometimes he just doesn’t feel like cauliflower right now, thankyouverymuch. Try again tomorrow. Maybe.
  • I wrote about Liam’s little response to Car Talk on NPR. The other day when we were listening to the show, Ray announced they’d be back after a short break, and Liam waved bye bye to the radio. What a smartie pants!
  • Liam sits on the potty now without protest. He doesn’t actually go in it – he would have to sit on there for longer to do that – but right now we’re just getting him comfortable with sitting there. At bath time he always cops a squat on the potty before hooking his leg over the edge of the tub. I’m waiting for one more sign of “readiness” before we start the potty training in earnest. He needs to be able to pull his pants down on his own. Right now he’s still even a little clumsy sitting on the pot. But we’ll get there soon enough.
  • My new job as mommy is mind-reader. Liam gets increasingly frustrated with communicating what he wants, pointing vaguely at something and whining as I pick up one thing after another, “Is it this? Do you want this? How about this?” Recently his fits have devolved into an annoying habit of head-banging. Not the metal rock band type, but more like knocking his head against a hard surface. According to the literature, this is a common toddler response to stress, and just a phase. And it’s one I’ll be happy when he’s left it behind. I’m constantly picking him up off the floor before he does too much damage to his noggin. James thinks he’s doing it for attention now, so I’ve been letting him get in a few knocks with my back turned to see if he, erm, knocks it off on his own. Sometimes he gets distracted and calms down. Sometimes not.  
  • I’m in constant amazement about what Liam is learning without my knowledge. The other day he pulled off his socks and tried to hand them to me. I was busy, so I told him to put them in the other room. I came back to check on him, and he’d nested his socks right inside his shoes, something he’s seen me do dozens of times at our baby yoga class, and something I never thought he noticed.

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