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Last year Halloween was a bit of a let down – Liam was sick and too young to eat candy. But this year I decided to go all out. On Thursday we went to a costume brunch at the Original Pancake House in Bethesda. Liam could care less about wearing his costume, but he loved eating pancakes. Sunday morning James joined us for Itsy Bitsy yoga, and Liam wore his doctor’s scrubs. The other kids were dressed up as well, and a lot of families attended, so it was a bit crowded. I’m glad James finally got to attend a class. Liam was all about daddy, sitting in his lap and doing poses with him. We both welcomed it – usually Liam clings to me, either in the class or at home when I’m with James. After Liam’s nap we headed to the park by our house for a costume parade. It was less a parade and more a milling around of parents and costumed kids running around on the playground. Liam did his best to avoid the kids, as usual. But he loves being outside, so he didn’t mind the crowd too much.

Finally, after dinner, with treat bucket in hand, we walked down the steps, down to the sidewalk, and, erm, into the grass to stomp on leaves. I started walking up the sidewalk, but Liam made no moves to follow me. James watched us out the window, laughing as I shouted, “This is as far as we’re getting?” I managed to coax him onto the sidewalk, but he refused to carry his bucket. Up the street we went to a house I knew would be giving out candy. We’d met that neighbor the week before. We stopped at their walkway and I started to walk up. Liam wasn’t sure what to make of this. We walk around the block all the time, but we NEVER go up the walkways. Our neighbor answered the door with a friendly smile and offered Liam his choice of candy. Again Liam was stumped, so I picked something for him. House after house it was the same thing, and sometimes I couldn’t get him to come down the walk at all. I was about ready to give up when it occurred to me that perhaps Liam didn’t understand that this was CANDY in his bucket. So I gingerly opened a pack of M&Ms and handed him one. He popped it in his mouth, chewed thoughtfully, and grunted his approval. More, please! Then he took my hand and walked me down the street. When we came to a house, he’d stop me for another M&M, then very agreeably walk up to the house to get more. Now he got it! By then it was getting quite dark, so we headed back toward the house. Once inside I noticed he had chocolate all over his face, evidence of a good time had! James said only one trick-or-treater came to our door while we were gone, so now we have a whole bowl of candy, plus the little stash Liam acquired, to keep us high on chocolate for the next week or so. Halloween rocks!


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