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Despite my neglect in posting, Liam and I have kept busy with play dates and activities. Last Wednesday we met up with some moms and kids at the Playseum in Bethesda. I’ve been wanting to try this place since it opened last year, and I’m so glad we finally went! We had a blast riding in the little fire truck and police car, trying on wigs, pretending to cook, petting (and/or poking) a bunny, and shopping (and/or destroying) the grocery store. Each room had a theme and tons of little props the kids could pick up and play with. Such a cute place! We’ll definitely be going back.


On Friday we headed to the Air and Space museum for their free planetarium show, One World, One Sky. It starred Big Bird and Elmo talking about the night sky, going to China and learning some Chinese words, and singing little songs about how the sky looks the same all over the world. It was super cute. Best of all, at 20 minutes, it was the perfect length to hold my lil’ stinker’s attention. The space was stroller-friendly and not too crowded. Afterward we strolled down the concourse to the story time they hold every Friday. We heard a story about the first manned mission to the Moon, and then afterward the kids could make their own rocket ships. Liam doesn’t really “get” crafts yet, so we headed home after the story. We had such a good time, I’m hosting a meetup there next Friday the 19th. A whopping 24 people have RSVP’d so far. I doubt that many will really show up, but I could get a dozen, which is still the largest meetup I’ve ever hosted. Yikes!

Sunday I met with my friend Julie and her lil’ puddle of cute Sydney for Itsy Bitsy Yoga at Willow Street Yoga in Takoma Park. The time change proved a bit challenging, but overall I think the kids had a good time. Liam knows all the moves, having been in the class now for over a year, and Sydney seemed to be content just taking it all in. We’re planning to go back again next Sunday, and I bet Syd will pick up some moves on her second-go-round.


Today I hosted a meetup at the National Geographic Museum’s Gecko exhibit. We’d scoped this out a few weeks ago, but Liam still had a great time gawking at Geckos, playing interactive computer games, coloring and reading about Geckos, and pushing buttons. We took the group next door to the Wild Music exhibit, and the kids had a great time banging mallets on the xylophone. (That’s little Liam on the left.) Afterward we went to lunch at the most kid-friendly place we could find in a hurry, Burger King. I got Liam a kid’s meal, and it came with this little giraffe. He proceeded to feed it french fries, then carried it around with him the rest of the day, and took it to bed with him tonight. I have to say, as Liam approaches age 2, he gets both progressively more agitated and exponentially cuter. I suppose the cuteness balances out the temper tantrums.IMG_0276


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