Foray into Babysitting

November 16, 2010 at 3:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment


My friend Cera left me an urgent message this morning – food poisoning or flu had struck in the night, her hubby was out of town for the week, and she needed some help! Happy to help, I picked up her little 15-month-old darling Jeanie and we came back to my house for some fun while mommy rested. This new table and chair set I got from Ikea this weekend really came in handy. Although neither of the kids could actually climb into the chairs themselves, they loved being put on them and sitting at the table. And it made for a very cute photo.

It’s funny to be watching another kid on your own. Something I haven’t done since I sat for Cameron for a couple of hours earlier this year. You notice how different kids are, how they like their own particular foods, or have their own particular strengths or weaknesses. For instance, Jeanie was impressively adept with a fork, something Liam is still working on. And I noticed Liam matching colored balls to the right colored slots in one of his toys, something he picked up after a couple of tries, but something Jeanie and Ben, who came over later, didn’t seem to do.

My friend Stacy came over around 11 with her two kids, two-year old Ben and baby brother Sam, and we all went downstairs to play. At Liam’s behest. Very urgent behest. Sigh. It was nice to chat with a grown up – at this stage, the reason we have play dates at all. Though I did notice that Liam seemed slightly more interested in playing with the other kids than he used to be. And he didn’t have any issues with them playing with his toys. In fact, he kept shouting “Share!” and handing stuff to them, lol. That’s m’boy!

After a hectic lunch, in which I’ve concluded that kids this age are better with grazing than actual mealtimes, Ben and Sam went home to nap, and we had a little quiet time before Jeanie and Liam’s naptime. They played quietly, not once asking for the TV (yay!), and I got some adorable pics of Jeanie feeding Liam from her snack cup. He’s never been one to turn down free food.


Both went down fairly easily for a nap. Cera’s lucky Jeanie is so laid back with other people. I shudder to think how Liam would be in the reverse situation. I’ve left him for a few hours with people before, but not very often. He’s quite attached to his mama. But having him here while I’m watching someone else, that worked out really well. If anything, it helped keep him occupied and alleviated most of his increasingly-frequent tantrums. Maybe that’s how my friends with 2-year-olds and infants manage – the baby is enough of a distraction from the fact that mama isn’t catering to toddler’s every waking need! Something tells me that’s not it, heh.


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