Liam is 23 months old!

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Sniff, sniff. This marks the last time I’ll refer to Liam as “so many” months old. Mostly because after 24 my math gets fuzzy. He’ll be two in a month, and I can hardly believe it. He’s doing and saying and accomplishing so much, it’s astounding. Hence the long list. And this doesn’t even cover it all.

  • Liam continues to add to his vocabulary. And his words seem to come in pairs. Playing with the ball, it’s “baa baa.” When we ride the subway, he points to the opening doors, “Door door!” In the morning he points to the dinosaur quilt my mom made him that hangs above his crib, “Saur saur.” Some words he can’t quite say, but you can tell he’s trying. Like when the conductor on Dinosaur Train cries, “All Abooard!” Liam shouts, “All ababa!” I’m understanding now how it is moms can decipher their children’s mumbled and broken toddler-ese. You hear this stuff enough and it sounds like they’re really saying it correctly.
  • Is it a sign of potty training readiness that Liam can wipe his own behind? It started as a way to quiet him during fussy diaper changes, but now he reaches for the wipe, diligently wipes his nethers, and shouts, “Wee wee!” I haven’t changed him in public in awhile. This could get embarrassing.
  • Liam is obsessed with the color red. When we’re outside he picks up red leaves to carry around, saying “Raa raa!” Anything he sees that’s red gets a feisty point and announcement. When I fold the laundry, he steals all of the red socks and hordes them. I was beginning to think red was the only color he could identify until we were outside and he pointed to the car and shouted, “Boo!” Took me a minute to realize he meant, “Blue.”
  • Liam has become very opinionated. And that opinion is No.
  • Liam is the life of party at the Itsy Bitsy class these days. After each pose he claps his hands and cheers, “Yay!” When a baby gets fussy, he says, “Uh oh, baby!” At the end of the class, he sits in my lap, clasps his hands together, and says, “Ommmm!” This is our last session with the babies. Next January we’ll be starting the 2 – 4 year old class. I have a feeling there will be an adjustment period.
  • Liam, unlike most other kids, prefers the crust of the bread. Give him a heel, and he’ll gobble the whole thing up.
  • When he sees a letter of the alphabet, he exclaims, “Ayyy!” Every letter is “A”
  • The other day when I was cleaning house, Liam got a little too curious about the vacuum cleaner and managed to turn it on. He ran screaming holy terror to me, and it was all I could do to keep from laughing! Poor kid was so distraught I had to stop cleaning, take him downstairs to play, and all the while he wouldn’t let me put him down. Finally, after 30 minutes, we went upstairs to finish cleaning. I half expected him to cry when I started the vacuum, but apparently by that time it was all water under the bridge.
  • I’m not allowed to get too comfortable. If I sit in a chair or on the couch, Liam will play quietly for about 30 seconds, then come up to me and pull on my hand or leg. Get up, mama! He leads me around by the hand, usually losing interest in me and finding something else to play with. If I sit back down, we rinse and repeat.
  • Despite his increasing vocabulary, we’re still doing some sign language. He modified the sign for Water, thrusting his splayed hand forward and back instead of taking three fingers to his chin. He mastered “hungry/eat” awhile ago, which has been one of the most helpful signs to know. When he’s really trying to get his point across, he’ll come up to me, grab my hand, form it into the “eat” sign, and thrust it at my mouth. Gotcha, son.
  • The mealtime routine has changed up a bit. Now that we’ve introduced a table and chairs, he eats breakfast at his own little table. He still hasn’t mastered the fork and spoon, so he either eats with his hands, or if I’ve got the patience for it, I’ll spear his food for him and hand him the fork. I’ve seen other kids insist on doing it themselves, but not my son. I think this kid would gladly let me hand-feed him through preschool.
  • Speaking of preschool, we’re already on a wait list for next fall. I’m looking at a couple of other schools in January, but I’m going to limit the number of schools we apply to because of the steep non-refundable application fee. These are all co-ops, which would mean I would volunteer to be a teacher’s helper twice a month, along with some other duties. This makes the tuition cheaper, but I also like the idea of getting to see Liam interact with other kids in a school setting. My mom volunteered when we were in elementary school, and we loved having her there. There’s a chance he may not make it in next year, which is fine. I wanted to start at two, but we can wait until three.

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