A rainy sunday

December 12, 2010 at 5:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Rain, rain, go away! On days like these I just want to sleep in. But Liam had other plans. On the weekends we’ve been letting him watch TV and eat breakfast in bed while we try to snooze. But he was too impatient for that. Perhaps we’ll have to bring some toys into the bed next weekend.

This morning, while loading Liam into the car for our baby yoga class, I noticed the carpet was all wet under his seat. I’ve already taken the car in twice to get that fixed, and looks like I’ll be headed back to the car shop tomorrow. I’m hoping third time’s the charm! I’m unsure how to proceed – should I demand they fix it for free now? The second time they knocked some off the price. But seriously, it seems like they should have fixed it after two passes. I’m kicking myself for not getting this fixed 6 months ago when I first noticed it. The warranty expired over the summer. The car is three years old – I guess prime time for little things like this to start breaking.

At baby yoga we met up with friends Julie and her daughter Sydney, and then serendipitously ran into my friend Emma and her daughter Abby. We haven’t seen them since the summer, and my how big Abby’s getting! She and Liam had fun chasing each other around the room. When I asked him if he’d do a particular pose, he’d say, “No!” and run off. I think that’s a sign he’s ready for the 2 – 4 year old class! The teacher agreed. Our last class is tomorrow, and our next session starts in January. What are we going to do with ourselves until then?!

This afternoon I cashed in my birthday present – a 60-minute Swedish massage at Blue Heron. Which was wonderful! I’ve had massages before, but they’ve all either been prenatal or some other type of massage. My shoulders feel so relaxed now, after feeling so scrunched up and tight because of all the toddler-lifting I do. I told James I may have to make this a once every few months thing, if I can save up my allowance for it. As I was paying, I asked the receptionist what is customary to tip, and she said it was 15 – 20%. Yowza! Here I was slipping a ten-spot all this time, thinking I was such a good tipper! Seems the same goes for hairdressers. Me, oh, my. At least now I know, heh.

Next Saturday is my last Pilates class. I’ve been horrible about attending this session, apparently missing 6 out of 13 classes. And I’ve been unable or unmotivated to make them up in the evenings. I think part of the problem is I’ve been kind of dreading the class. I really like Pilates, but I’m finding I’m not a fan of the teaching style of my instructor. She has a tendency to get impatient with beginners, barking out instructions. I’m sure she’s great in a more advanced class, but I find it irritating when she barks at someone in the class, and even more irritating when she barks at me! So, I’ve decided to give Pilates a try at another studio with another instructor. Hopefully with a different instructor I’ll be more motivated to attend. After all the holiday eating, past, present, and future, I’m going to need the exercise!



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  1. I guess I’m just used to Roberta (and trust me she barks at me too!…even my FIRST class back from having a baby!). I actually can’t stand subs because I don’t think they keep you honest and critical. You can totally get away with doing NOTHING in Pilates if the instructor isn’t correcting you. You can also hurt yourself. I’m not paying for someone to tell me what exercises to do…if that’s the case I can buy a DVD. I’m paying for someone to challenge me to do better each and every week and to correct me when I’m doing something wrong. Roberta is a professional dancer who is big on precision and attention. She can’t stand students who don’t approach Pilates the same way. I’ve heard Julie and Jessica at Willow Street are better at being ‘nicer’ but I prefer my drill instructor…it’s what keeps me thin. Hopefully you will find someone you like eventually!

    • I hope so, too! I find if I don’t enjoy my exercise class, I just won’t do it. Plus, this is my one hour a week I get to spend away from the almost-two-year-old madness, so I really want to enjoy that time. Wish I could afford weekly full body massages instead!

  2. Oh, sweetie! Poor thing and that car leaking! I hate car troubles. Feeling for ya! I’m grateful that we were able to get this one thing done before our warranty expired that would have cost us over $1000.

    Pilates is too much for me. I need relaxation and a positive vibe to keep me motivated enough to keep doing it. I also like that in yoga they correct you if you’re doing something wrong so you won’t get hurt. Your class makes me think of Bikram yoga where they yell at you.

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