Celestial Geeking Out

December 21, 2010 at 3:23 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


I couldn’t resist staying up late and witnessing the lunar eclipse tonight. I tried my best to get a photo, but I actually found it best to abandon the tripod and leave the flash on. The moon will be turning red once it’s completely in shadow. I keep running out to the front porch to see how far it’s gotten. Damn, it’s cold! Wish I could see it out my window. But unfortunately the moon is almost directly overhead tonight. I’m hoping to see full shadow by 2:30. Liam has this uncanny knack for waking up earlier than usual on nights I’ve stayed up late.



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  1. Maybe waking Liam up to see the red moon would solve that problem. Besides, I heard that red is his favorite color. Did you see it turn red? We had nothing but thick overcast. No sign of the moon. That is a nice picture for a snap shot.

  2. I did stay up to see it turn red, right around 3:15 AM! It didn’t seem as red as I’d expected, more of a dirty red brown. But still very cool. Maybe next time this happens I’ll wake up the boy. Looks like there will be more in 2014. He should be old enough to enjoy it by then.

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