A Festive Week

December 22, 2010 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Now that Liam is old enough to at least partially understand how Christmas works, I decided to take him to a few holiday-inspired activities this week. Monday we headed to a meetup at the Gaylord Resort for Christmas on the Potomac. It was quite a sight to behold, such a posh and elaborately-decorated hotel lobby. As we strolled through, I pointed out various displays, and Liam would point to the lights and name their colors. Near the huge array of windows was a miniature train the kids could ride on. We bought tickets and stood in line, and all the while Liam grew more and more uneasy. I remembered the last couple of times we’d ridden on similar trains, Liam didn’t seem to enjoy it. Which is strange, because he loves watching trains, loves riding the Metro, and we’d ridden the train at Wheaton Park several times in the summer. But sure enough, we boarded the train and Liam pitched an absolutely fit. I thought he’d settle down once the train started moving, but he was so hysterical that we had to get off. Instead we walked up to a nearby fountain and watched as it sprayed in sync with the holiday music. One of the moms asked me if we wanted to go see Santa – a very convincing, round guy with a real beard! – but I knew that wasn’t in the cards this year. I figure no sense in trying until he asks for it. Maybe next year.

Tuesday night before dinner we drove all around Woodmoor to look at Christmas lights. I think Liam got the gist after awhile, though I had to slow down and reach back to point to the lights. At one intersection there stood a 40 foot tree completely covered in lights, quite impressive! But it wasn’t long before stinker got hungry, so we had to head home. Something else he’ll probably enjoy better next year.

This morning we drove to the Ellicott City Train Museum to see the Christmas train displays. This was by far Liam’s favorite this week! They had a Thomas train set up, complete with windmill and little characters from the cartoon. And you’ll see in these photos their biggest display, with lots of attention to detail. Liam wanted me to hold him the whole time, so my photos didn’t come out very well. But it was quite an impressive set up. They also had a real caboose from the 1920s that you could climb into, and in their freight house they had another mini train that was a scale model of the little town from the 1800s. Very cool!


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