Liam is 2 years old!

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Liam turned two while we were away, and because everyone was going to be leaving before his actual birthday, we celebrated Christmas evening with a large Elmo cupcake and another round of presents. Pictures to come, I promise! In the meantime, I snapped this photo today of him opening his special box of red stuff courtesy of his Aunt Jill and Grandma. In a big red canvas box Liam found a red car, a red choo choo, a red bull dozer, a couple of red books, a talking red critter (sitting in his lap. He called it “baby”), a cozy red snowflake blanket, red mittens, a red washcloth, and I’m sure lots of other red things I can’t remember at the moment. He kept saying, “Raa, raa!” as I pulled things out. It was so cute. Here are a few big changes to note for this milestone:

  • Liam is naming more and more colors. In the car he learned purple. He also knows yellow (Wewo), but he still stubbornly refuses to say Green.
  • The morning we left for Lexington I was wearing a shirt with letters on it. Suddenly Liam said, “Tee!” and pointed to the T. Then he said, “Ess!” and pointed to the S. I figured it was fluke. But he’s been pointing and identifying letters all week. He got a couple of little electronic toys with letter buttons that have helped reinforce the skill. Lord knows I hadn’t been working with him on it, but I am now! According to babycenter, he’s a bit ahead of the curve with this skill, which is considered an “advanced skill” at 27 months. This video doesn’t quite do it justice, but he really is pointing to the right letters!
Liam, 24 months, saying letters

  • On the way to Grandma and Grandpa’s, he learned three new words: Purple, Bridge, and Mine. At Grandma’s I taught him “Up!” I think I’m going to regret those last two.
  • Liam’s getting better at names, calling grandpa “Pa-pa” and grandma “Ma-Ma”. Uncle Mike and Kim’s boyfriend, Mike, were both called, “My Mike”, and his cousin Brady was “Bee-bee”. We’ll work on the aunts and cousin Devin after I load all our photos on the digital frame. He loves pointing out people as they come up.

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  1. How cute! Great blog – keep it up!

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