A traumatic day for the boy

January 6, 2011 at 4:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

A haircut and a doctor’s visit, yikes! I usually wouldn’t piggyback Liam’s two least favorite activities like this, but there was no avoiding it this time. When we arrived at Kidville for his haircut, I wasn’t sure if he’d even let us get near the salon. But once he heard the familiar tune of Elmo’s World, he reluctantly settled on my lap. I gave him a sucker, but he seemed more interested in popping it in and out of my mouth than eating it himself. Whatever works. The stylist asked if she could use the buzzers, and I thought surely that would freak the boy out. But he was so engrossed in his show, and had finally started snacking on that sucker, that when she brought them out and gingerly touched them to his head, he was completely relaxed. Whoda thunk it? Perhaps this summer I’ll see if he’ll let me buzz his head at home like I do for James.

I figured before we headed to the doctor’s I’d fill his belly (and mine!) with burgers and fries from Five Guys. Yum! Liam happily ate and played at the table. Little did he know there were shots in his future…

Like before, Liam cried whenever the nurse came in. Weighing and measuring was an ordeal. But now the doctor and he have an understanding, and he was perfectly well-behaved around him. I brought Liam in his stroller, and he hardly wanted out of it. Whenever he’s nervous about a situation, he asks to go sit in his stroller. I’ve been calling it his Fortress of Solitude. Liam’s grown a couple of inches (or at least one – I measured him the other day and came up with 31 inches, but the nurse came up with 32.5 inches), and he’s weighing 26 pounds. His development is right on track, and the doc was noticeably impressed when I mentioned how well Liam knows his letters. Liam’s also piecing words together now. In the car on the way over, he told me, “Hat off!” It’s so nice he can tell me stuff like that instead of just pitching a fit. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come once he adds to his vocabulary. In the meantime we’re still averaging a dozen or so fits a day. Sigh. Two weeks into the terrible two’s, and I’m ready for it to be over!


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