Christmas in Lexington Part 2

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Liam’s sleeping off his shots, so I finally had some time to go through the 300+ photos everyone shot at Christmas. I’m uploading all of them to Kodak for the family, but I think it’s best to just include the highlights in the album below.

We woke up bright and early on the 23rd, reluctantly, I might add. But Liam’s early wake-up call meant we only had to stop for one meal, and we made good time to Lexington. We only had to make one emergency fit-throwing stop, and the rest of the time he played quietly or slept. James’ sister Kim and her boyfriend Mike were there to greet us, and shortly after, James’s brother Chris, wife Ann, and their two boys Brady and Devin arrived. Then his mom came home with brother Mike, and his wife Mandy in tow. Thirteen made for a boisterous holiday. Boisterous, but fun. Liam loved playing with his cousins, aunts and uncles, and Mama and Papa. He even started calling some of them by name – Grandpa (Papa), Grandma (Mama), Brady (Bee bee) and both of the Mikes (My Mike).

On Christmas Eve we all gathered downstairs to open special xmas eve presents. It’s a tradition in James’ family to get a new ornament and set of PJs to wear that night. Patty went all out, getting all of her daughters and in-laws super cute jammies, and all her sons track pants. Liam and Devin had matching Christmas jammes, and Devin exclaimed when he opened his, “I’m an elf!” Afterward the kids went upstairs to decorate Christmas cookies, when suddenly there was a knock at the door, and Santa surprised us all by stopping by for a visit! Actually, it was Kim’s boyfriend Mike in a Santa costume procured by James’ step-dad Robert, but the kids were none the wiser. Liam, of course, wanted nothing to do with the jolly good elf, but Brady and Devin sat on his lap.

Christmas morning Liam beat all his cousins, waking up at 5:20. I had to entertain him for a couple of hours before the rest of the house stirred. He didn’t quite know what to make of all the stockings and presents under the tree. But he certainly enjoyed receiving presents! His favorite was the Thomas the Train set that Mama and Papa got him. He played with that every day (and every day since we got back!). After presents, we all geared up to play in the fresh-fallen snow. A wonderful white Christmas! Patty made hot cocoa, and I poured some chocolate milk into a sippy cup for Liam. Mountains of cookies and pies covered the countertops, so we had our choice of goodies.

Liam went down for an early nap, so we ate our Christmas dinner while he slept. The first peaceful meal I’ve had in months and months! He slept until late afternoon, and once he’d woken up fully, we bombarded him again with gifts! This time for his second birthday, which wasn’t technically for another two days, but since most of the family was leaving Sunday, we decided to celebrate early. We found the cutest little Elmo cupcake, the perfect size for Liam. We even got him to say, “Two” and attempt to hold up two fingers. He helped a little more with opening the gifts this time, but mostly said and signed, “more” so I’d feed him more cupcake. Later, at dinner, he refused to eat any turkey, ham, yams, green beans, or cranberry sauce, and opted instead for a couple of dinner rolls. Not the most nutritious day, but I think he’s allowed one of those on special occasions.

Monday James, Liam and I drove up to Cincinnati to see my grandma. Liam was in a much better mood this time around, and while he didn’t want to get too near her, he did have fun running around her house and touching stuff. Monday night James and I went out on our own for dinner and a movie while grandma and grandpa babysat. Yay!! We went out for cajun at a place called Furlong’s. The gumbo was nothing to write home about, though because we make our own every year, we’re kind of snobs. James didn’t love his crawfish etouffee, either, but my steak was awesome, and the rolls were scrumptious. We ordered a box of bignets to go and snuck them into the movie. Those were by far the best part of the meal! We finally got a chance to see the new Harry Potter movie, which we both really loved. We can hardly wait until this summer when Part 2 comes out. Might have to see about getting a regular babysitter by then. We hardly ever get to go out, and I think it’d be good for Liam to get used to being taken care of by someone else for a change.

Tuesday we met up with my cousins and aunt Cary for lunch, and typical Liam let my cousin Scott hold him, but didn’t want anything to do with Erin or Cary. It was great seeing them, and we conspired to get my family out there next year for Thanksgiving so we could all meet up for the holidays.

All-in-all a great trip, though I’m glad we don’t have any more travel plans in the foreseeable future. James’ parents want to come see us in a few months, my sister is planning a trip out in late March (if her sizeable bump doesn’t get in the way – she’s due in June), and Chris, Ann, and the boys are coming in April. We’re looking forward to it!


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