Two: So it begins

January 10, 2011 at 4:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Actually, that’s not true. It began several months ago. And it’s been slowly progressing month by month to the inevitable and aptly-named terrible twos. Liam is not much different from other kids his age. He wants what he wants right now, and if he doesn’t get it, tantrums ensue. He has no patience for anything. And he won’t ever listen to reason. From what I’ve heard, though, it could certainly be worse. Liam is a dream at the grocery store, as long as he’s sitting comfortably in the cart. He’ll sit patiently on the train, and he’s even not too bad in the car as long as he as a toy to play with or snack to eat. But at home he’s taken to ordering me around in his little broken toddler-speak. “Mama, up!” he says. I tell him, “Up, please, Liam.” As if I’d be less antagonized if he ordered me around politely. We play trains, which entails me pushing his trains through the tunnels and over the bridges for him to watch. “Nunnel! Bridge!” he cries, then lets out a yelp if I don’t push them the way he wants. In the basement we play with the big yoga ball, him pushing the ball, then reaching out his hand to me and yelping for me to follow. Or pointing for me to stand over here. Or wait there. God forbid I sit down. That is not allowed, mama! Ja vol mein Fuhrer!

To help with these long, cold, oppressive months, I organized a play date at a local indoor play space. For some reason I thought Liam would enjoy playing with other kids and running around on his own. But, no, I had to be right at his side, he yelped if any kids got too close or if I tried talking to other moms, and he mostly played with the trains, which we have at home. Not really worth the $10 when I can do the same at home for free. So I think for the rest of the winter I’m going to concentrate on some one-on-one time with some of the moms and kids we’ve met. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s play date at Ben and Sam’s house – they got a train table for Christmas, which I’m sure will be a big hit with Liam. As long as I stand right next to him. And move his trains for him. Sigh. I also ran into our next door neighbor’s nanny, and she said we should try stopping by later this week. Which is kind of perfect – that way if Liam acts up we don’t have far to go to get home.

Today was our first class with the big kids in Baby Yoga. Liam did ok, though he was definitely thrown off by the change of kids and activities. He threw about a half dozen mini fits, in which he “assumed the position” and started yelping, but I got to him before it turned into a full-blown tantrum. He did participate in a few activities, but he mostly watched the other kids while I held him. Which was ok – some of the other younger kids were also clinging to their moms. It’ll probably take a few weeks before he gets comfortable with the new routine.

With the bad comes the good. Like today I tried to get Liam to say Tunnel correctly. I’d say “T-t-t tunnel.” And he’d mimic, “T-t-t nunnel.” Or how now he says Hi to people, usually when I prompt him, but still, very cute. He’s my little man, my little buddy, when he’s not being my little Fuhrer. But it’s like anything, you take the bad with the good. 


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  1. This post made me laugh because a lot of it is, unfortunately, familiar! I’m praying that Ben will do better at sharing his train table with Liam tomorrow than he does with his little brother. I can promise that we have enough trains in this house that every boy will have one in his hands at all times tomorrow – even if it’s not his first choice. 😉 Look forward to seeing you!

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