Worries and Tears

January 13, 2011 at 11:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Most mornings Liam wakes up at 7 or 7:30, either just in time to see James off to work, or right after he shuts the door. But occasionally he sleeps in past 8. And instead of enjoying my lie in, I can’t help but imagine that something has gone horribly wrong. For a few horrifying moments I think maybe his dropside rail has failed, and he’s trapped. That he’s hurt, or unthinkably worse. Ever since the CPSC’s universal ban on drop-sides came down the pipelines, I’ve been paranoid that our crib will fail. Our brand hasn’t been recalled, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. I stopped using the drop-side feature months ago, and even turned the crib around so that side faces the wall. Poor Liam just gets plopped down when I put him in there because I’m way too short to gently lower him down. He’s a big boy now (26 pounds!), and never asleep in my arms anymore, so he doesn’t seem to mind.

But these days when I put him down for naps, Liam is quite the rabble rouser. He jumps around and shakes the crib rails like a little monkey. I’ve been afraid that if he kicks that side against the wall loose, he’s heavy enough that the wall won’t stop that rail from pushing away from the crib. So this morning, as I lay there waiting for him to make a sign that he was ok and awake, I decided to drag out my drill and fix that drop side once and for all. Except, upon closer inspection, the crib design made that just about impossible. I’d need a 5-inch screw, and my drill bits weren’t long enough. Instead, I put our rolls and rolls of packing tape to good use, and taped the hell out of that rail. It certainly wouldn’t pass muster at a daycare, but I yanked and pulled and shook the thing, and it’s not going anywhere now. I’ll need a step stool to change the sheets, and it doesn’t look too pretty now. But at least I can rest at ease on those few blissfully late mornings. And this will do until he graduates to a big bed (which I’m reluctant to do until he starts climbing out of the crib).

Now for the tears. At Liam’s 2-year wellness visit, the doctor mentioned that we still hadn’t gone in for Liam’s lead test. It’s a state requirement, and something I’ve been putting off because we have to drive over to a testing lab to do it. My friend Julie mentioned that her ped just did a finger prick for her daughter. But for some irritating reason Liam’s doctor insisted he needed blood drawn. And, of course, Liam was Not Happy about that. To make matters worse, it took two nurses and three tries before they could find a suitable vein. At one point we were both in tears, it just broke my heart to see them poking and prodding him like that. Afterward, my arms and legs were sore from gripping him in my lap. Then, when we got home, I had to rip off the tape in three places, and that started him crying all over again! Thankfully, one Girl Scout Caramel Delight made it allll better.



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  1. That would drive me nuts too. I’m so glad we went with a video monitor…although it wouldn’t solve the problem of the drop-side it would at least let you peek in to make sure things are OK. It’s also nice to know when they are screaming in the middle of the night that they are in-fact, not on fire, and just need to go back to sleep. LOL

    I’m thinking some L brackets and bolts should make that crib fairly safe. I would have to go to HD to find the items but you should be able to find an L bracket that you can mount to the post of the crib and then drill down a hole from the railing to secure the L bracket to the ‘drop side’. Does that make any sense? I’m so very glad we went with a standard crib!

    • oh, yeah, that’s a good idea. And this way hopefully we can use this crib for baby 2 instead of buying a new one.

  2. And I’m SO sorry to hear about the blood draw extravaganza. I can’t imagine. I had to hold Syd down for a cath once to rule out a UTI and it wasn’t my idea of fun. I hope he (and you!)is recovering OK!

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