Smelling the Roses

January 20, 2011 at 4:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Preschool. Can you believe I’m already contemplating it? I’ve got two applications in and another two open houses to attend before the end of the month. I’m going to narrow my choices to three, and then hope he doesn’t get wait listed for too long. We should know if he made the first cuts by the end of February, and then hopefully we’ll know what school for sure by March or April. I know I was all, “If he gets in, whatever” in an earlier post, but that was before the monster fit-throwing. Plus, and this is a bigger plus, Liam seems to be demonstrating a natural aptitude for letters and numbers. I think a more structured learning environment would help foster that, and I’m hoping it’ll help him come out of his shell socially, as well. And I look forward to volunteering at the school, a requirement for all of the cooperative preschools we’re applying to. I’ll be in class with him every other week, plus a few other outside duties that remind me a lot of what my mom did for us in elementary school. It feels like I’m getting an early start. I never even attended preschool, just Mother’s Day Out, and I managed to do pretty well in school. But these days everyone’s pushing the early learning agenda, and because education is very important to both James and I, we’re jumping on the band wagon. Besides…I could really use the break! This stay-at-home plus working during naps and bedtime is kind of exhausting.

In case anyone was wondering, the preschools I’m checking out are Cedar Lane, Takoma Park, Kensington Co-op, and Spring Knolls. They all came highly recommended by moms in the area, and judging from the waiting lists, they’re quite in demand. Dorky me has a whole spread sheet with tuition rates, pros and cons. After I’ve seen them all (Kensington’s open house is January 30th), I’d be happy to send it to anyone interested. Just leave me a comment.

So, in the meantime, I want to enjoy this time I’ve got with my little boy. Sure, he’s been a real bear with the sudden onslaught of temper tantrums, but he’s also been super adorable.

Like today we went for a walk around the block, and he kept wandering into the grass to traipse through the scant patches of snow left over from this week’s ice storm. He’d say, “S. No, no no!" and tromp, tromp, tromp through the white stuff.

One of his new favorite indoor games is “Over, Under”, where we roll a ball back and forth either over the coffee table or under the coffee table. He loves teasing me, saying, “Over!” and then leaning down and saying, “Under!” before  he decides which way he’s going to go.

You may also remember this game we started playing, where he has me chasing the yoga ball up and down the stairs. I’ve been trying to interject a little education into our play time (hence Over and Under), so as I roll the ball back up the stairs, I count them one through twelve in English. Then again in Spanish. And German. I know, what a dorky mom! (Oh, and if anyone knows how to say Eleven and Twelve in Spanish, please note in the comments. I can only count to 10. Funny enough, I learned that on Sesame Street!)

In the car he plays with his Sesame Street alphabet toy. On a lark I started quizzing him, “Liam, where’s F?” Next thing I know he’s pushing the F button, and I hear Ernie’s electronic voice, “F! F! F!” Sure enough, he could point out every letter I asked him about. We’ve also been working on numbers, but 5 is the only one he points out with any regularity. His vocabulary is expanding exponentially at this point, and I’ve lost track of how many words he can say. Today he said, “Abby!” when we were reading one of his potty training books.

Oh, and potty training! We’ve started that now, too. Just baby steps – after lunch I have him pull down his pants (with a little help) and sit on his little potty chair. He thumbs through his board books, and I read him a few picture  books. Then when he’s ready he gets up and I put him in a new diaper. He hasn’t actually gone in the potty, but I figured his best chances are after a meal. At some point it’ll happen, and then he’ll start to understand how this whole going to the bathroom thing works. So far he hasn’t objected to sitting on the potty, and I’m not going to push the issue if he starts getting upset about it. My mother-in-law warned me that her sons were all notoriously hard to potty train. So I’ve got my work cut out for me.



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  1. 11: once (pronounced on-say)
    12: doce (pronounced doe-say). Emphasis is on the first syllable in both.

    Italian is fun too! 🙂

  2. AJ loves preschool! Chance is getting Abby in to preschool for next year too. Such a fun time. I think both you and Liam will benefit from the time apart. I can only imagine what you’ll do with this time and look forward to those posts. What little adventure will Amanda go on next?! I think you’re handing potty training well too. Chance really wigged out with AJ. It really rough for little boys. It’s so funny when AJ has to go cuz he grabs himself and says I gotta go potty and runs out of the room. If he’s calm about it, then Chance usually gracefully responds, “You should go take care of that.” I think it’s hilarious! What’s Liam trying to say when he says “Abby”?

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