I don’t mean to brag…

January 30, 2011 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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Well, ok, I do. Liam has simply astounded me with his ability to recognize letters and numbers. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a set of magnetic numbers, thinking we’d work a little on counting. He’d pick out a number, I’d name it, and then he’d stick it up on the fridge. Two days later he could point out most of them himself, his favorite being 5. “FIVE!” he’d shout as he eagerly pulled that number off the fridge and took off down the hall with it. Last week he pointed to one of his counting toys, and with a chubby finger counted off, “One, Two, Fwee, Four, Fiiiive!” And today, unprompted, he showed off his skills to his daddy, who ran in to tell me, “Liam counted to six! I didn’t know he could do that!”

Now he’s a little letters and numbers machine, pointing out, “A!” or “3!” wherever he sees them. I can hardly get through a book without him shouting out the letters in the initial caps. Today, carrying around his beloved “boo choo choo”, he looked down and shouted, “One!” There is, indeed, a number one on Thomas’s side panel.

So now I’m thinking, what’s next? He still hasn’t expressed an interest in singing the ABCs, although I do sing him that song almost every day. And I’ve started spelling out some easy words on the fridge and pointing them out to him. Public television has also giving him a boost, with Super Why and Sesame Street encouraging lots of letter naming. He chimes right in, though usually only when I ask him to. I can’t believe this kid was barely talking a few months ago, and now I can barely get the kid to shut up.

In other cuteness news, he’s taken to calling us Mommy and Daddy instead of Mama and Dada. Except when he calls out Mommy, he sounds a little British. Like, “Mummay!” James thinks it’s hilarious. And he’s learned a new word. Fruit Snack. He says it clear as a bell. And just like my friend Jessaca’s nephew AJ, he lives for them.  He’s still throwing tantrums, but he’s figured out there’s no need to bang his head into anything or throw himself on the floor. Which is a slight improvement.

With all this winter weather, power outages, downed trees, and blocked streets, I’ve been feeling a bit beleaguered. They’re calling for freezing rain on Tuesday, and I’m thinking, “Really? Really?” It’s not enough that I usually feel the winter blues, but now I also feel trapped at the house. I told James if he wanted to put in for some jobs in Miami, I would not object. For some reason, Florida’s been calling to me lately. It’s home to one of my favorite writers (Dave Barry), one of my favorite shows (Dexter), and one of my favorite bloggers (McMommy). Also home to hurricanes, outrageous housing prices, and lots of big bugs. Hmmmm…



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  1. So cool! I remember listening to some parenting show on NPR that said we need to work more on having kids understand what numbers actually mean and not just teach them to rattle them off in succession. So maybe next you can work on “how many ducks are there?” games. Supposedly knowing there are three things vs. being able to just count without abandon is more meaningful preparation for later education. Makes sense!

  2. So awesome that he’s doing letters and numbers. I’ll have to make sure I really point those out to Chewy. The fruit snacks comment made me crack up! Those things are evil! I even love them! We don’t plan on shopping with Chewy…one of us will always stay home while the other shops, so hopefully they won’t make an appearance.

    I’m soooo sick of winter. I can’t imagine having to stay in every day. Bleh!

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